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Commander Shadowsun

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Commander Shadowsun, a beacon of tactical brilliance and combat finesse, strides onto the battlefield in her XV22 battlesuit. With an artful blend of advanced technology and strategic prowess, she epitomizes the T'au Empire's unwavering pursuit of supremacy, ready to command your forces with unmatched expertise.
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Introducing the formidable O’Shaserra, renowned as Commander Shadowsun, a paragon of combat prowess and strategic brilliance. Draped in the XV22 battlesuit, she commands the battlefield with an unmatched blend of advanced targeting precision and sophisticated cloaking technology, allowing her to covertly track and eliminate her targets. Armed with an array of lethal weaponry, she emerges as an indomitable force, effortlessly dismantling adversaries of every kind – from shattering armored fortresses with her fusion blasters to disintegrating light vehicles with her missile pod, while her flechette launcher leaves no escape for those who draw near.

Unrivaled in the mastery of Kauyon, the Fire Caste’s renowned Patient Hunter military strategy, O’Shaserra stands as the embodiment of a consummate general. Within your T’au Empire army, she is poised to claim the mantle of the ideal Warlord.

Adorned in her cutting-edge battlesuit, Shadowsun wields a flechette launcher, dual high-energy fusion blasters (interchangeable with a dispersed fusion blaster), a light missile pod, and a pulse pistol. Her presence not only symbolizes tactical supremacy but also exemplifies the fusion of innovation and strategy that defines the T’au Empire’s pursuit of dominance.

What’s in the Commander Shadowsun box

  • x52 plastic components that make Commander Shadowsun accompanied by one MV37 Advanced Guardian Drone and one MV62 Command-link Drone.
  • x1 Citadel 50mm Round Base.
  • x2 Citadel 32mm Round Bases.
  • x2 Long Flying Stems.

How to paint the Commander Shadowsun set

  1. Step 1: Base Coating Armor
    Start by applying a base coat of White Scar to Commander Shadowsun’s battlesuit armor. Ensure an even and smooth coverage for a clean foundation.
  2. Step 2: Adding armor details
    Use Retributor Armor to paint the gold details on the battlesuit. Focus on areas like symbols, edges, and other intricate parts, like bolts. After that, you can, use Averland Sunset or Tau Light Ochre to paint yellow/orange details on the armor.
  3. Step 3: Black Details
    Carefully paint the black details on the battlesuit, such as lines, edges, and smaller components, using Abaddon Black. This step adds contrast and definition to the miniature.
  4. Step 4: Shading Armor and Details
    Apply a shade like Agrax Earthshade to the white armor and the yellow and black details. This shading adds depth to the colors and emphasizes the battlesuit’s contours.
  5. Step 5: Highlighting Armor
    Use a lighter shade of white, like Pallid Wych Flesh, to gently highlight the raised areas of the armor. This layering technique adds dimension and realism.
  6. Step 6: Skin Base Coat
    For Commander Shadowsun’s skin, apply a base coat of The Fang. This color forms the basis for her facial features.
  7. Step 7: Skin Shading
    Apply a shade like Druchii Violet to the skin areas to create shadows and definition. Focus on areas where natural shadows would occur, such as under the cheekbones and around the eyes.
  8. Step 8: Skin Highlighting
    Use a lighter shade like Russ Grey to highlight the prominent features of the skin, such as the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and forehead. This step adds a lifelike touch to the miniature.
  9. Step 9: Adding Skin Tone
    For the final step in skin painting, use Squig Orange to add a touch of color to Commander Shadowsun’s lips and cheeks. This small detail brings warmth to the face.
  10. Step 10: Final Touches
    Inspect your work for any touch-ups or adjustments. Ensure that all colors are well-balanced and that the miniature looks cohesive and well-painted.
  11. Step 11: Varnishing for Protection
    To safeguard your masterpiece, apply a protective varnish like Ardcoat. This step preserves your hard work and gives a polished finish.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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