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Legion Sky-hunter Squadron

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Unleash the Deadly Fast Attack power of jetbikes with the Sky-hunters, a formidable addition to your Legiones Astartes forces. This kit allows you to build three Sky-hunters, each armed with a selection of potent bike-mounted weapons. Fire up your anti-grav engines and strike from unexpected quarters with these swift and deadly units.
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Crafted for swift and deadly strikes, Sky-hunters are elite units mounted on advanced jetbikes, resembling compact aircraft more than traditional ground bikes. These formidable machines are propelled by jet engines with grav-impellor technology, granting them incredible speed and extended low-altitude flight capabilities. The jetbikes are equipped to carry heavily armored Space Marines along with a variety of potent heavy weapons, providing the Sky-hunters with exceptional mobile firepower.

This multipart plastic kit enables you to assemble three Sky-hunters, expert Legionaries riding high-speed jetbikes. Each jetbike can be armed with your choice of heavy bolter, multi-melta, plasma cannon, or volkite culverin. The kit includes optional sigils for both Loyalist and Traitor factions, as well as various accessories like pistol holsters, sheathed chainswords, augur devices, and stowed helmets. The Space Marine riders offer interchangeable heads and chestplates, allowing for a range of dynamic poses, from revving their bikes to brandishing pistols or swinging chainswords. Each Sky-hunter is equipped with a chainsword and a choice of bolt pistol or volkite serpenta, and the kit also includes one hand flamer. Prepare your Sky-hunters for swift and lethal assaults with this versatile kit.

What’s in the Legion Sky-hunter Squadron box

  • x161 plastic components that make 3 Sky-hunters.
  • x3 Citadel 60mm Round Bases.
  • x3 Citadel 50mm Ball Top Flying Stems.

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