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Sanguinary Priest

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The Sanguinary Priest is a revered figure among the Blood Angels. Wearing intricate power armor, they serve as both warriors and healers. Armed with a Narthecium, they can mend severe injuries in the midst of battle, upholding the chapter's traditions and ensuring their spiritual welfare.
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The Sanguinary Priests serve as the Apothecaries of the Blood Angels Chapter, responsible for protecting and preserving their precious gene-seed. Each Priest carries a blood chalice, said to contain a fragment of the essence of Sanguinius himself, which empowers nearby Blood Angels to achieve even greater acts of bravery and heroism. These Priests are among the most respected and revered members of the Chapter, embodying its noble ideals and selfless service to the Emperor.

Sanguinary Priest Datasheets

What’s in the Sanguinary Priest box

  • x11 plastic components to make a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest. The Sanguinary Priest is armed with a double-edged chainsword, which is a melee weapon used for close combat.
    The model holds a blood chalice, which is a sacred cup believed to contain a fragment of Sanguinius’s essence. It is used to inspire nearby Blood Angels to greater bravery and feats of heroism. He is also equipped with a narthecium, which is a medical instrument used by Space Marine Apothecaries to extract and preserve gene-seed from fallen brothers.
  • x1 scenic 32mm round base, which can be used to display the model.

How to paint the Sanguinary Priest

  1. Step 1: Primer Coat
    Begin by applying a thin, even coat of White Scar – Spray to your Sanguinary Priest. Primer helps the paint adhere and gives a consistent base for your colors.
  2. Step 2: Base Coat – Armor
    With the primer in place, paint the Sanguinary Priest’s armor with a base coat of Corax White, a bright white paint. Ensure you cover all the armored areas evenly.
  3. Step 3: Layer – Armor
    To add highlights and dimension to the white armor, layer it with an even lighter white, such as White Scar. Focus on the raised areas and edges for a vibrant appearance.
  4. Step 4: Shading – Armor
    Enhance the depth and details of the white armor by applying a shade of Reikland Fleshshade, a brown shade. Focus on the recesses and crevices of the armor, allowing the shade to settle and create shadows.
  5. Step 5: Painting Gold and Black Details
    For the metallic and black elements, like the priest’s accessories and instruments, use a base coat of Retributor Armour for gold and Abaddon Black for black. Ensure smooth coverage on these intricate parts.
  6. Step 6: Shading – Gold and Black Details
    Enhance the metallic and black details by applying a shade of Agrax Earthshade for gold and Nuln Oil for black. Focus on the crevices and edges to create contrast.
  7. Step 7: Layer – Gold and Black Details
    Highlight the gold and black areas with a lighter gold, such as Liberator Gold for gold and Eshin Grey for black. Apply this sparingly to the raised portions for a polished look.
  8. Step 8: Painting Exposed Face
    Paint it using flesh tones like Rakarth Flesh as a base coat, Reikland Fleshshade for shading, and Flayed One Flesh for layering. Ensure attention to detail on the facial features.
  9. Step 9: Painting the Base
    Consider using texture paints like Astrogranite Debris or Armageddon Dunes to create a realistic terrain effect on the base. Apply the chosen texture paint evenly across the base.
  10. Step 10: Varnishing for Protection
    To safeguard your beautifully painted Sanguinary Priest set and give it a lasting finish, consider applying a varnish. You can use Ardcoat for a glossy finish or Munitorum Varnish for a matte/satin finish, depending on your preference. Make sure the miniatures are entirely dry before applying the varnish.

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