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Malcador Heavy Tank

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Build the pinnacle of Solar Auxilia's might with the Malcador Heavy Tank model for your Warhammer: The Horus Heresy collection. Experience historical power and customize your own fortress on tracks – delve into the legacy now.
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The Malcador Heavy Tank stands as a titan among the armoured ranks of the Solar Auxilia, tracing its origins back to the tumultuous Age of Strife on Terra. These behemoths outsize the standard Leman Russ and exhibit unmatched battlefield velocity for their massive build, thanks to their advanced yet capricious drive systems. In tandem with Solar Auxilia infantry and versatile armoured units, the Malcador delivers overwhelming firepower, becoming a pivotal force in the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy narrative.

Assemble your own piece of history with this Malcador Heavy Tank multipart plastic kit, a monumental model in the Solar Auxilia’s arsenal. Select from a variety of turret armaments to dominate the battlefield: a classic battlecannon, the precise twin heavy lascannons, or the formidable long-barrelled Vanquisher battlecannon.

The model’s adaptability extends to hull and sponson weaponry, offering a full array of armaments for customizable war tactics. The innovative design allows for glue-free assembly, providing dynamic positioning flexibility during your Horus Heresy engagements.

Enhancements such as a hunter-killer missile, flare shield, and dozer blade are available to fortify the Malcador’s might. Customize further with options for an open or closed turret hatch, showcasing a Solar Auxilia gunner braced for battle with various pintle-mounted weapons. Additional aesthetic choices include unique sigils, armor detailing, and diverse crew head options, allowing for a deeply personalized Horus Heresy model. This kit does not just build a model; it forges a centerpiece for your Solar Auxilia collection, reflecting the grand scale and depth of The Horus Heresy’s legendary conflicts.

Malcador Heavy Tank Box Contents

  • x170 plastic components that make one Malcador Heavy Tank model.
  • x1 Solar Auxilia Vehicle Transfer Sheet (containing 180 high-quality waterslide transfers).

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