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Solar Auxilia Battle Group

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Embark on a journey with the Solar Auxilia Battle Group Box Set in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. Assemble the mightiest mortal troops and unleash the full power of the Solar Auxilia on your adversaries. Explore the set now!
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Step into the world of the Solar Auxilia, humanity’s finest with the Solar Auxilia Battle Group Box Set, bringing elite mortal troops to your Warhammer: The Horus Heresy collection.

This comprehensive set is the perfect launchpad for assembling a Solar Auxilia army, featuring a robust mix of infantry, armored tanks, and scouting support units, each ready to dominate the battlefield.

The set includes two versatile 10-man Solar Auxilia lasrifle sections, equipped with durable void armor, showcasing their resilience.

These sections can be deployed as separate squads or merged into a formidable 20-man unit for larger engagements. Commanding the battlefield is the Line Command Section, where an Auxilia Troop Master, flanked by four seasoned Veterans, directs the flow of combat, ensuring strategic superiority.

The backbone of mobility and defense, the Dracosan Armoured Transport, ensures safe passage for troops across the battlefield.

This armored beast, standardly equipped with a double-barreled gravis lascannon, can adapt its weaponry based on mission needs, including a demolisher cannon or support fire options like a heavy flamer, heavy stubber, or multi-laser, complemented by hunter-killer missiles for robust anti-armor capabilities.

The Solar Auxilia’s advanced arsenal is further bolstered by the Aethon Heavy Sentinel. This sentinel surpasses its contemporaries with a heavier loadout designed for both reconnaissance and firepower, featuring a versatile central weapon mount and a heavy barrage-capable rocket system.

Weapon options range from multi-lasers to autocannons and volkite culverins for infantry targets, to lascannons and melta-lances for armored threats.

Completing this impressive set is the Leman Russ battle tank, a familiar yet distinct variant showcasing Solar Auxilia’s heritage. Renowned for its adaptability, the Leman Russ Strike Tank variant stands ready with a selection of four turret weapons, ensuring versatile responses to any combat scenario.

Rules for Solar Auxilia Battle Group can be found in Liber Imperium – The Forces of the Emperor Army Book.

Comparing the Solar Auxilia Battle Group Box with other Horus Heresy Boxed Sets

Box NamePriceNo of MiniaturesExtras
Solar Auxilia Battle Group$21028Bases, Transfer Sheets
Legiones Astartes Battle Group$21032Bases, Transfer Sheets, Special Weapons Frame
Age of Darkness$31054Bases, Transfer Sheets, Rulebook, Quick-reference guide, Dices, Measuring sticks

Solar Auxilia Battle Group Box Price per Country

United States$210
United Kingdom£130

What’s in the Solar Auxilia Battle Group box

This boxed set contains x28 Solar Auxilia Miniatures and their bases:

  • x20 Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Troopers
  • x5 Line Command Section Miniatures
  • x1 Dracosan Armoured Transport
  • x1 Aethon Heavy Sentinel
  • x1 Leman Russ battle tank
  • x2 Solar Auxilia Infantry Transfer Sheets
  • x2 Solar Auxilia Vehicle Transfer Sheets

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