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Noise Marines Upgrade Pack

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The Noise Marines Upgrade Pack is a fantastic set of components that allows you to enhance your Chaos Space Marine units. Included in the pack are various sonic weaponry options, providing you with the opportunity to create a cacophony of sonic destruction on the battlefield.
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This upgrade pack is a comprehensive collection of components designed to elevate your Chaos Space Marines units to new levels of auditory devastation. This pack includes a range of sonic weaponry options, allowing you to customize your models with sonic blasters, blastmasters, and doom sirens. With these upgrades, your now, Noise Marines, will become the masters of sonic warfare, unleashing blistering sonic waves and cacophonous blasts that will leave their enemies reeling. Enhance your Chaos Space Marine armies with the Noise Marines Upgrade Pack and let the power of sound reign supreme on the battlefield.

What’s in the Noise Marines Upgrade Pack box

  • x10 resin components pack that contains an array of items including weapons, backpacks and heads in order to upgrade your Chaos Space Marines into Noise Marines.

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