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Inquisitor Karamazov is a legendary figure among the ranks of the Imperium's Inquisition. Known for his unwavering determination and steadfast devotion to the Emperor, Karamazov is a relentless hunter of heretics and mutants.
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Meet Fyodor Karamazov, a feared and revered Inquisitor belonging to the Ordo Hereticus. Amongst the already tough and relentless members of this faction, Karamazov is known to be one of the most uncompromising and ruthless individuals. With a career spanning almost two centuries, he has left a trail of destruction across the galaxy while relentlessly pursuing campaigns against heresy.

One of Karamazov’s signature moves is directing his minions from his Throne of Judgement, an ancient walking cathedral that amplifies his strength and power. With his impressive arsenal of weaponry, including multi-meltas, power swords, and even the ability to call down orbital bombardment, Karamazov takes down the enemies of the Emperor with swift precision and no mercy.

Despite his reputation as a formidable force to be reckoned with, there is much to admire about Karamazov. His unwavering dedication to the cause of eradicating heresy and protecting the Imperium is a testament to his loyalty and bravery. His influence as an Inquisitor extends far beyond the battlefield, as he commands the respect and admiration of his peers.

While Karamazov may be a fictional character from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, his legacy continues to inspire many fans of the franchise to this day. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the series, Karamazov’s unrelenting pursuit of justice and his willingness to do whatever it takes to protect humanity is sure to leave an impression.

Inquisitor Karamazov Datasheets

What’s in the Inquisitor Karamazov box

  • x25 resin components that make Inquisitor Karamazov.
  • x1 60mm Round Base.

How to paint the Inquisitor Karamazov Set

  1. Step 1: Prime the Miniature
    Before painting, apply a thin coat of primer to the Inquisitor Karamazov miniature. Primer helps the paint adhere better and provides a smooth surface for painting. Use a black or white primer based on your desired color scheme. For example, if you want brighter colors, use a white primer. If you prefer a darker, more dramatic look, use a black primer.
  2. Step 2: Basecoat the Robes
    Start by basecoating the robes using a medium-sized brush and a base color. A suitable color for Inquisitor Karamazov’s robes could be Mephiston Red. Thin the paint slightly with water or a medium like Lahmian Medium to achieve smoother coverage. Apply the basecoat evenly, ensuring that the details of the miniature are still visible.
  3. Step 3: Layer the Robes
    Once the basecoat is dry, it’s time to add depth and highlight to the robes. Using a smaller brush, apply a layer of Evil Sunz Scarlet, focusing on raised areas and edges. This layering technique will bring out the details and create dimension. Remember to leave the darker Mephiston Red visible in the recesses.
  4. Step 4: Highlight the Robes
    To further enhance the highlights, use Fire Dragon Bright with an even smaller brush. Apply this color sparingly to the most prominent edges and raised areas of the robes. The goal is to create a smooth transition from the basecoat to the highest highlights.
  5. Step 5: Paint the Armor and Accessories
    Next, let’s focus on the armor and accessories of Inquisitor Karamazov. For the armor, consider using colors like Abaddon Black for the basecoat, followed by a layer of Eshin Grey and a highlight of Dawnstone. Remember to thin your paints and apply multiple thin coats for better results.
  6. Step 6: Detail the Accessories
    Inquisitor Karamazov has various accessories like books, scrolls, and pouches. Use appropriate colors such as Balthasar Gold for metallic parts and Rakarth Flesh for parchment. Apply multiple thin coats and use a small brush to carefully pick out the details. You can also add additional colors to these accessories based on your personal preference or the lore of your Inquisitor.
  7. Step 7: Paint the Face
    The face is a focal point of any miniature. Start by applying a basecoat of Cadian Fleshtone to Inquisitor Karamazov’s face. Then, use Reikland Fleshshade to shade the recesses, like the eye sockets and mouth. Finally, apply Kislev Flesh as a highlight to the raised areas, such as the cheekbones and forehead. Take your time and be precise while painting the face.
  8. Step 8: Add Finishing Touches
    To complete the painting process, add finishing touches to Inquisitor Karamazov. This may include painting the eyes, adding freehand designs, or applying decals if desired. Use a fine detail brush and steady hands to accomplish these final touches

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