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The Mek is a vital component of any Ork army, providing valuable support to other Ork units and playing a key role in the construction and maintenance of Ork war machines.
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Ork Meks are some of the most eccentric and ingenious inventors in the galaxy. Possessing a natural talent for creating all sorts of contraptions, they are particularly adept at building and fixing weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, often using little more than scrap and salvaged materials.

Whether it’s constructing deadly dakka or designing wobbling bubbles of force to protect their fellow Orks, Meks are always ready to take on the next big challenge.

One of the most remarkable things about Ork Meks is their boundless creativity. They are constantly coming up with new ideas and inventions, each more bizarre and outlandish than the last.

Some Meks specialize in designing weapons of mass destruction, while others focus on more practical applications, such as building custom vehicles and fortifications. Whatever their specialty, Meks always find a way to make the impossible possible.

Despite their sometimes quirky and unpredictable nature, Ork Meks are essential to the Ork war effort. Their inventions and repairs keep the Ork war machine running smoothly, and their ingenuity often gives the Orks the edge they need to win battles against more advanced and better-equipped foes.

In recent years, Ork Meks have continued to evolve and adapt, taking advantage of the latest advances in technology and experimenting with new and unconventional designs. As a result, the galaxy is never quite sure what the Orks will come up with next.

What’s in the Ork Mek box?

  • The Mek model is made of single frame plastic and comes with a 32mm round base.
  • The Mek is equipped with a kustom mega slugga, a powerful ranged weapon that fires massive rounds capable of punching through even the toughest armor.
  • In addition to the kustom mega slugga, the Mek also carries a set of mek’s tools, which can be used to make quick repairs or modifications in the heat of battle.

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