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The Psychophage has been infused by the Hive Mind with an insatiable appetite for enemy psykers. You can get one with the new Leviathan Box.
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The 10th Edition of W40K sees the introducion of the Psychophage, a fearsome creature designed to dismantle troublesome psykers with its razor-sharp talons and menacing betentacled maw. As you navigate the world of Warhammer 40,000, the Psychophage emerges as the ideal weapon for this specific task.

Equipped with an extraordinary Anti-Psyker ability and the power to inflict Devastating Wounds, the Psychophage ensures that every Wound roll of 2+ results in mortal wounds for those with psychic abilities. Farseers, Infernal Masters, and Living Ancestors cannot conceal their unease in the face of such a formidable adversary.

But what if an enemy sorcerer stubbornly refuses to succumb to the allure of the tendriled maw? Fear not, as you have two effective options at your disposal. You can set a cunning trap baited with an annotated copy of the Book of Magnus, or utilize the Psychophage’s potent shooting attack.

Through its Torrent ability, the Psychophage unleashes a repugnant discharge of psychocorrosive ash that strikes its target unerringly. Additionally, its Ignores Cover attribute leaves no room for shelter amidst terrain.

Once you have inflicted the necessary harm or gathered the aid of a swarm of allies, the Psychophage enters a frenzied feeding state, akin to a shark detecting the merest hint of blood in the water.

While the Psychophage may appear as a discerning predator, it eagerly devours anything foolish enough to draw near, whether they possess psychic abilities or not.

However, it’s important to remember to enlist the aid of smaller creatures for assistance with post-meal toothbrushing and dental hygiene amidst the aftermath of its formidable teeth.

If you’re looking into acquiring one for your Tyranid Army, the upcoming Leviathan Box for the 10th Edition contains one!

No further details are available at the moment regarding its heigh, base size or specific abilities so we’ll need to wait until June to learn more about it.

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