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Master of Possession

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An unholy sorcerer wielding daemonic forces for Chaos Space Marine forces, extracting souls from enemy psykers using a staff of possession and sacrificing allies to gain infernal power.
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Meet the Masters of Possession, the enigmatic psykers of the Heretic Astartes who possess the rare talent of channeling daemons into living hosts. They are the unsung architects of empowerment, infusing their possessed brethren with empyric energies, fortifying and reinvigorating these unholy unions. On the battlefield, they unleash devastating daemonic forces, tearing apart the souls of their enemies and harnessing them for sinister purposes.

This multipart plastic kit allows you to construct a formidable Master of Possession, a potent Chaos Space Marine psyker. This commanding figure is a sight to behold, adorned in intricate sorcerous robes and adorned with mystical trinkets. His armor is adorned with blazing skulls and a daemonic helm, marking him as a servant of darkness. The horned staff of possession that he wields is a terrifying instrument, capable of extracting the very souls from his victims, making it particularly lethal against enemy psykers. Moreover, a sacrificial dagger hangs ominously from his belt, serving as a grim reminder of the price of dark power – often exacted from unfortunate allies.

The Master of Possession miniature is an ideal choice for hobby enthusiasts eager to showcase their talents. The model incorporates a diverse range of textures, including cloth, bone, metal, and leather, providing ample opportunities for creativity and customization. Additionally, the kit features flame effects, allowing you to craft a dynamic and visually striking centerpiece for your collection.

Whether you’re drawn to the mysticism of the Warp, the sinister allure of daemonic possession, or simply crave a challenging and rewarding painting project, the Master of Possession offers a captivating addition to your Chaos Space Marine forces. Unleash the power of the dark arts and command your daemonic allies with this captivating model.

Master of Possession Datasheets

What’s in the Master of Possession box

  • x8 plastic components that make 1 Master of Possession.
  • x1 Citadel 40mm Round Base. 

How to paint the Master of Possession set

  1. Step 1: Basecoat the Armor
    Commence your painting journey by applying a base coat of Abaddon Black to the Master of Possession’s armor. Ensure a thorough and even application across all armored sections.
  2. Step 2: Layer the Armor
    Layer the black armor with Eshin Grey, concentrating on raised areas and edges while leaving recesses black for added depth. Follow this up with a second layer using Dawnstone to accentuate highlights, creating a subtle gradient effect.
  3. Step 3: Robes and Cloak
    Dress the Master of Possession’s robes in Khorne Red. Employ Nuln Oil for shading, deepening the red’s tones and enhancing the fabric’s texture. Once the shade is dry, layer the robes with Evil Sunz Scarlet, and then highlight with Wild Rider Red for added vibrancy.
  4. Step 4: Skulls, Head, and Fur
    Tackle the skulls, the head, and fur with Rakarth Flesh as a basecoat. Apply Seraphim Sepia as a shade to introduce depth and shadows. After the shade has set, layer these areas with White Scar to make them strikingly distinctive.
  5. Step 5: Flame Details
    Bring the flame details to life with Averland Sunset. Apply Casandora Yellow as a shade to impart a fiery appearance. Finally, layer the flames with Astorath Red to complete the fiery effect, making them pop on the miniature.
  6. Step 6: Details
    For the ornaments on the armor or staff, initiate with Retributor Armour as the basecoat. Enrich the gold with depth by using Reikland Fleshshade as a shade. Once dry, layer these areas with Auric Armour Gold, and add highlights using Liberator Gold to achieve a regal and opulent appearance.
    The eyes hold a sinister allure when painted with Mephiston Red, giving them a glowing and malevolent gaze.
  7. Step 7: Basing
    Create a thematic base for your miniature using texture paints, rocks, or other terrain elements to match your chosen theme. This not only complements your Master of Possession but also adds to the overall presentation of your model.
  8. Step 8: Varnish
    To safeguard your masterpiece work, apply a protective layer of Stormshield Varnish. This matte varnish ensures a consistent finish while preserving the integrity of your miniature.

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