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Scorpius Missile Tank

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Rain destruction upon your foes with a relentless rocket barrage that can traverse obstacles and target enemy squads with precision. Customize your Scorpius further with additional weapons and accessories, ensuring it's ready for the most challenging battles.
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Elevate your Legiones Astartes with the versatile Scorpius missile tank, a highly maneuverable artillery support vehicle favored for its ruggedness. Known as ‘Whirlwinds,’ these tanks equipped with multi-missile launchers are crucial components of any Legion’s arsenal, delivering long-range covering fire and trench-breaking barrages. The Scorpius, developed shortly before the Horus Heresy at the request of the Space Wolves Legion, offers exceptional performance that led to its widespread adoption.

This multipart plastic kit constructs the Legion Scorpius, featuring a Deimos-pattern chassis with a turret-mounted missile system. The rotary racks of explosive rockets can be assembled at various angles, allowing you to represent either a devastating direct fire or an arcing salvo of munitions. The tank includes a twin-linked bolter and smoke launchers, and you can enhance it with an additional pintle-mounted weapon such as a havoc launcher, heavy bolter, heavy flamer, multi-melta, or a combi-weapon with five configurations (bolter, flamer, melta, plasma, or volkite). The kit also provides optional components like a searchlight, dozer blade, hunter-killer missile, towing hooks, sigils, and a choice of a Space Marine gunner, spotter, or closed hatch.

What’s in the Scorpius Missile Tank box

  • x125 plastic components that make one Scorpius Missile Tank.
  • x1 Legiones Astartes Vehicle Transfer Sheet containing 44 optional markings and icons for the Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists Legions.

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