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Discover the Skull Altar for your Warhammer 40,000 Khorne army. Enhance your Slaughterpriests' power and disrupt enemy Wizards with this striking and functional terrain piece. Read more!
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In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, wherever Khorne’s followers battle, they raise Skull Altars – ominous monuments dedicated to offering tribute to the Blood God and receiving his blessings. Emerging from the ground, these altars are formed from the violent tributes amassed for Khorne’s Throne.

The Skull Altar is a terrain piece available at no matched play points cost to any Khorne army, making your Slaughterpriests even more formidable. Positioned near it, Slaughterpriests can re-roll their crucial prayer and judgement rolls, ensuring the successful unleashing of Judgements of Khorne or key bonuses. Conversely, nearby Wizards will struggle to cast spells, as Khorne despises those who rely on sorcery in battle.

This set includes one Skull Altar, providing enough room on top to mount a Khorne Hero of your choice. With its baroque and grisly details, it serves as a striking centerpiece for your Khorne collection and adds significant tactical advantage in gameplay.

Skull Altar Box Contents

  • x21 plastic components that make one Skull Altar model.

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