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Unleash the might of the Space Marines with the Heroes of the Chapter Box Set in Warhammer 40,000, featuring key figures like the Gravis-armoured Apothecary and Phobos Lieutenant alongside Sternguard Veterans. Perfect for bolstering your Space Marine army with elite warriors.
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The Heroes of the Chapter Box Set brings to life the pivotal figures within a Space Marines Chapter, featuring the essential roles from seasoned Lieutenants to the life-saving Apothecary Biologis and the sharp-shooting Sternguard Veterans. This set highlights the backbone of leadership and specialized might within the ranks, ready to lead and support the brethren in the most dire conflicts.

The Lieutenant within this collection is portrayed as a valiant leader, guiding their brothers from the vanguard with strategic prowess. Meanwhile, the Gravis-armoured Apothecary stands resilient under enemy assault, equipped to harvest crucial biomaterial for the Chapter’s needs. The Sternguard Veterans, celebrated for their unmatched discipline and marksmanship, are equipped to devastate the enemy with their precision fire.

This multipart plastic kit offers diverse assembly options for these iconic figures, making the Heroes of the Chapter a versatile addition to your Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines army. Equip your force with these paragons of virtue and skill to bring glory and honor to your battles!

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What’s in the Heroes of the Chapter box

This boxed set contains 56 plastic components that make 7 Space Marine models:

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