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Space Marines Lieutenant

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With a keen tactical focus and deadly skills, this officer is your guiding force on the battlefield, leading squads with precision and expertise. Equipped for both close combat and intense firefights, the Space Marine Lieutenant is the linchpin of your strategic success, ready to steer your Space Marines towards victory.
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Space Marine Lieutenants embody the epitome of battlefield leadership, merging experience, strategic acumen, and exceptional combat prowess. These seasoned tacticians not only master the lethal weaponry of the Space Marines but also take charge, issuing orders and orchestrating their brethren’s attacks while engaging the enemy with their formidable armament.

This meticulously designed multipart plastic kit allows you to assemble a distinguished Space Marine Lieutenant, a revered officer within his Chapter’s hierarchy. Your Lieutenant’s left hand offers a choice between a heavy bolt pistol, a plasma pistol, or a master-crafted bolt weapon, each tailored for ranged combat. Meanwhile, the right arm can bear a power sword, a power fist, or be poised for gesturing toward a tactical objective.

In addition to the versatile weapon loadout, you’ll discover an array of cosmetic options to make your Lieutenants truly distinctive on the tabletop. Choose between a bare head or helmet for your officer, experiment with different bolt weapon configurations, add a sheathe for his sword, and select from a range of loincloth designs. Elevate your army’s command presence and battlefield prowess with this exceptional kit, ensuring your Lieutenants shine as beacons of leadership and combat expertise.

Space Marines Lieutenant Datasheets

What’s in the Space Marines Lieutenant box

  • x25 plastic components that make 1 Lieutenant.
  • x1 Citadel 40mm Round Base.

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