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Tech-Priest Biologis Hermiatus

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Discover the twisted origins of Hermiatus, the Second Son, a potent psyker and leader of the Malstrain Genestealers in Necromunda. Soon available in Forge World resin, uncover his secrets and abilities in upcoming updates.
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Hive Secundus… or Does He? The Malstrain are a twisted brood of tormented Genestealers, horribly mutated by genetic experiments and the reality-distorting weapons that were unleashed on Hive Secundus in a futile effort to wipe out the infestation.

Unlike many Genestealer Cults, the Malstrain was not formed by a cunning vanguard organism that made its way to Necromunda aboard some derelict space hulk or echoing cargo vessel. Instead, it was the result of sheer human hubris, blame that can be placed firmly at the feet of Tech-Priest Biologis Hermiatus.

After his increasingly deranged experiments went wrong and the Genestealer he had brought to Necromunda got loose, the hive rapidly fell to anarchy and sedition. Once the Tech-Priest’s crimes were uncovered, he was captured and purged by the Inquisition, but an echo of Hermiatus lives on, captured in the gestalt psychic consciousness of the Malstrain.

As if cursed by some cosmic irony, the entity known as Hermiatus the Second Son is the creation of the Malstrain Patriarch, a genetic memory dredged up and given form over and again. Also referred to as Hermiatus Reborn, Son of the Malstrain, or the Hermaphage Magos, this accursed being continues the work of the true Hermiatus, tinkering with Genestealer DNA in an attempt to spread the infection.

Although he is afforded an unusual amount of autonomy by the Malstrain Patriarch to continue his research, Hermiatus also fills the role of a more traditional Genestealer Cult’s Magus, providing tutelage to his creations and guiding them across the ash wastes.

As a potent psyker, Hermiatus can extend the will of the Patriarch even beyond the Underhells, ensuring that the Malstrain spreads far and wide. Rumors abound about the true purpose behind the Second Son’s research, but some suggest that he is attempting to find a cure to their broken biology… or twist it even further.

Hermiatus, the Second Son, may be petitioned by Malstrain or Malstrain Corrupted gangs, and his full rules will appear in an upcoming Necromunda supplement. The miniature will be cast in Forge World resin.

This miniature will be available soon! Join us as we uncover its secrets, stats, and more. Stay tuned on Adeptus Ars for updates and prepare to add this unique character to your Necromunda miniatures collection.

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