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Thousand Sons Librarian Consul

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Unleash the arcane might of the Thousand Sons with the Librarian Consul, a master of psychic powers and physical combat in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy!
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The Thousand Sons Librarian Consul for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy embodies the mystique and arcane prowess of the Thousand Sons Legion. A master of Prosperine arcana and an adept of one of the many Cult temples, this Librarian Consul dons ornate armor reflective of Prospero’s heritage, adorned with winged scarabs, curved trim, and fluttering parchments​​.

This Forge World resin miniature comes with a fearsome force staff, its blade array elegantly violent, exemplifying the dual nature of the Librarian as both a scholar and a formidable combatant. The Librarian Consul’s psychic powers enable him to immolate enemies with a mere thought and manipulate the flow of time, altering destiny itself. Despite their psychic prowess, these Librarians are equally capable in physical combat, prepared to face champions of more conservative Legions​​.

The kit offers customization with a choice of either a bare or helmeted head, allowing collectors and gamers to personalize the model to their preference​​.

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