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Ultramarines Honour Guard

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Elevate your Ultramarines army with the Honour Guard, elite warriors who inspire and protect. Includes Honour Guard with power axes, a Chapter Ancient, and a Chapter Champion. Discover more!
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The Honour Guard of the Ultramarines are drawn from the Chapter’s elite, their very presence an inspiration to their battle-brothers. This box set provides a selection of elite choices for your Ultramarines army, featuring ornate, Chapter-specific details that seamlessly integrate with your forces.

Ultramarines Honour Guard Model
Ultramarines Honour Guard Model

Included are a pair of Honour Guard armed with power axes, ideal for protecting your Characters by intercepting wounds. The banner-wielding Chapter Ancient boosts the morale of nearby soldiers, inspiring them to fight with increased fervor. Additionally, the Chapter Champion is a skilled warrior, excelling at slaying enemy Characters in close combat.

Ultramarines Honour Guard Box Contents

  • x14 resin and plastic components with which to build two Honour Guard, a Chapter Ancient and a Chapter Champion.
  • x4 Citadel 32mm round bases.

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