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White Scars Stormseer Consul

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Prepare to channel the storm and guide your White Scars to victory in games of Warhammer: The Horus Hersy, with the Stormseer Consul, available for pre-order soon. Join the ranks of those who know the true strength that lies in the heart of the storm.
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Step into the realm of the White Scars Legion, where the fusion of ancient Chogorian mysticism and the formidable psychic prowess of the Librarian Consuls gives rise to the enigmatic Stormseers. These warrior-mystics are not merely psykers; they are the embodiment of the tempest, blending the deep-rooted superstitions of Chogoris with their formidable training to become advisors, seers, and unparalleled masters of the warp.

As the White Scars’ Stormseer Consuls stand beside their Khans, they offer more than just wise counsel; they bring the very essence of the storm to bear against their adversaries. Their unique blend of shamanistic heritage and psychic might provides insights that remain elusive to their brethren, often drawing skepticism from those within the Legions Astartes who cling to the rigid doctrines of the Imperial Truth.

Yet, to underestimate the Stormseers is to overlook the sheer potency of their meteorological dominion. On the battlefield, their nuanced control over the elements can turn the tide, manipulating weather patterns to craft a strategic advantage, calling upon the skies to lend their might to the White Scars’ cause.

Soon, you will have the opportunity to harness this power with the upcoming release of the White Scars Stormseer Consul model. Adorned in the traditional garb of Chogorian culture and wielding a force staff that echoes the shamanic staves of their homeworld, this figure captures the mystique and martial prowess of the Stormseer. Available in the finely detailed Forge World Resin, each model comes with the option of a bare or helmed head, allowing you to personalize the visage of your consul.

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