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Wolf Guard Terminators

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Join the elite Wolf Guard Terminators of the Space Wolves in Warhammer 40,000. Customize your squad with deadly weapons and sacred Terminator armor. Discover more!
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Every Space Wolves warrior dreams of a place in the Wolf Guard, an elite brotherhood that wields the deadliest weapons of war while serving as the personal guard of their Wolf Lord. To be a member of this select group is a mark of great honor and distinction.

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators

Clad in hulking suits of sacred Terminator armor, Wolf Guard Terminators are a brotherhood of nearly invulnerable champions, each eager to dispense his own particular brand of death. These warriors embody the strength and ferocity of the Space Wolves, bringing unparalleled power to the battlefield.

This box set allows you to build your very own squad of Wolf Guard Terminators, featuring a variety of customization options. Equip your models with wolf claws, thunder hammers, storm shields, assault cannons, and more to create a unique and powerful unit.

Wolf Guard Terminators Box Contents

  • x100 plastic components that make 5 Wolf Guard Terminators.
  • x5 Citadel 40mm round bases.

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