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Armageddon Dunes Technical Paint Citadel Colour

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Armageddon Dunes is a Citadel Colour paint that captures the sandy, sun-bleached look of a desert wasteland. With its fine texture and light color, it's perfect for creating a basecoat or drybrushing terrain pieces, vehicles, or miniatures set in arid environments. This paint dries quickly and produces a smooth, matte finish that's easy to highlight or shade for added depth and realism.
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Armageddon Dunes Paint Review

The Armageddon Dunes paint from Citadel Colour is a versatile, matte finish paint that provides a solid foundation for miniature painting. Made from high-quality pigments suspended in an acrylic base, this paint offers excellent coverage and is a great choice for beginner painters. Its light, sandy hue serves as the perfect backdrop for creating warm, sun-baked dunes on your miniatures. Whether you’re starting a new army or touching up an existing one, the Armageddon Dunes paint is an excellent addition to your palette of colours for miniatures.

What armies to paint with Armageddon Dunes

Armageddon Dunes is a versatile paint that can be used to paint various factions and armies in the Warhammer 40K universe. Here are 3 armies that can be painted with Armageddon Dunes:

  • Imperial Guard – The earthy tones of Armageddon Dunes are a perfect match for the drab and practical uniforms of the Imperial Guard, and its thick consistency makes it ideal for painting the heavy, weather-beaten armor of the tanks and artillery pieces in the Imperial Guard’s arsenal.
  • Orks – The rough and organic nature of the Armageddon Dunes color makes it a great choice for painting the brutal and battered armor of the Ork’s vehicles and infantry. Its gritty texture can mimic the look of scrap metal and rust, adding to the rough-and-tumble aesthetic of the Orks.
  • Necrons – The pale, dusty hue of Armageddon Dunes can be used to paint the Necron’s metallic warriors and their enigmatic machines, giving them a ghostly, otherworldly appearance. The paint’s matte finish will help to dull the shine of the Necrons’ metallic surfaces, adding to their eerie, haunted quality.

These armies were selected based on their visual characteristics and the way they fit with the color and texture of the Armageddon Dunes paint.

Armageddon Dunes Colour Schemes & Combinations

Armageddon Dunes is a warm and earthy paint that can be paired with a variety of colors to create dynamic and interesting palettes.

Here are three Citadel Colour paints that you could use with Armageddon Dunes to create a harmonious and balanced color scheme:

  • Averland Sunset – This vibrant orange paint adds a pop of color to your palette and is a complementary color to Armageddon Dunes.
  • Abaddon Black – Black is a versatile color that adds depth and contrast to your palette. It can be used to create shadows and add definition to your models.
  • Balthasar Gold – This metallic copper paint provides a warm and elegant highlight that pairs well with the warm tones of Armageddon Dunes.

When choosing colors to pair with Armageddon Dunes, consider using split-complementary colors like orange and blue, or analogous colors like different shades of orange. This will create a color scheme that is balanced and harmonious, and will enhance the look of your models.

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