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Doomfire Magenta

Doomfire Magenta Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Doomfire Magenta is a vibrant and intense paint from Citadel Colour, perfect for adding a pop of color to any miniature or model. With its deep magenta hue and smooth consistency, it is ideal for highlighting or layering over darker shades to create a striking contrast.
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Doomfire Magenta Paint Review

Doomfire Magenta from Citadel Colour is a bright and intense paint with a smooth and consistent consistency. It provides great coverage with a single coat and dries to a smooth, matte finish. The paint has finely ground pigments and is part of the Foundation range, making it ideal for use as a base coat or for achieving a bold and vibrant finish. It is an excellent addition to any painter’s palette and is suitable for both beginners and experienced miniature painters.

What armies to paint with Doomfire Magenta

Doomfire Magenta is a unique color that can add depth and contrast to any Warhammer 40K army. Here are three armies that would benefit from this bold shade:

  • Dark Eldar: Doomfire Magenta would be an excellent addition to a Dark Eldar army. This color can be used to add a vibrant pop of color to the dark, sleek armor of the Dark Eldar warriors.
  • Tzeentch Daemons: Doomfire Magenta is a great fit for Tzeentch Daemons, whose color scheme includes a lot of pinks and purples. Adding this color to their wings or horns could really make them stand out on the battlefield.
  • Chaos Space Marines: Doomfire Magenta can be used to create an eerie and intimidating look for Chaos Space Marines. This color can be used to highlight the details on their armor and weapons, giving them a menacing and otherworldly appearance.

Doomfire Magenta Red Colour Schemes & Combinations

When selecting colors to combine with Doomfire Magenta, I suggest considering complementary and analogous color schemes to achieve a balanced look. Teal, copper, and pink colors can create a harmonious and interesting color combination with Doomfire Magenta.

  • Temple Guard Blue for a teal shade, the blue-green hue of this paint contrasts beautifully with the pink undertones of Doomfire Magenta. Temple Guard Blue may give the miniatures depth and contrast when used as a highlight or accent.
  • We suggest choosing Runelord Brass if you want copper-colored paint. The metallic sheen of this paint can give miniatures painted with Doomfire Magenta a more opulent appearance. To create a shiny and striking feature, Runelord Brass can be used to accent armor, weapons, or equipment.
  • Screamer Pink is a great pink color, in my opinion. The dark magenta tone of Doomfire Magenta can be complemented with the bold, bright pink colour of this paint. Screamer Pink can produce a gradient effect that heightens the depth of the miniatures when used as a highlight or accent color.

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