Orruk Flesh

Orruk Flesh Base Paint Citadel Colour

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It is a flexible paint that may be used by both novice and seasoned miniature painters to give their creations depth and dimension.
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Orruk Flesh Paint Review

A base coat paint from the Citadel Colour line made especially for painting miniatures is called Orruk Flesh. High-quality pigments in this acrylic paint give it a matt finish, which offers good coverage and a consistent base for other colors. It is a flexible paint that may be used by both novice and seasoned miniature painters to give their creations depth and dimension. Any palette used by a miniature painter must include Orruk Flesh.

What armies to paint with Orruk Flesh

Orruk Flesh is a popular paint color for many armies in the Warhammer 40K universe due to its versatility and ability to match the skin tone of many of the factions’ soldiers.

  • Orruk Warclans: This army is composed of savage and brutal Orruks who are known for their distinctive green skin. Painting Orruk Flesh on their bodies and weapons gives the miniatures a cohesive and unified look that is true to the lore of the Warhammer 40K universe.
  • Necrons: This army is composed of ancient and mechanical beings that have risen from the dead. While Necrons are typically thought of as being metallic in color, painting their ribcages and other exposed organic tissue with Orruk Flesh can create a nice contrast and add depth to the overall appearance of the miniatures.
  • Death Guard: The Death Guard is one of the Chaos Space Marine Legions, known for their corruption, filth and disease. They are corrupted by the powers of Nurgle. Many of the soldiers in this army have discoloured and rotting skin, Orruk Flesh can be used to paint the Orangish and sickly flesh tones.

In summary, The decision to list these armies was based on the fact that they all have exposed skin on their miniatures, and Orruk Flesh is a perfect paint to create a cohesive and realistic look on those. Additionally, these armies have distinct skin tones that match well with the color of Orruk Flesh.

Orruk Flesh Colour Schemes & Combinations

When painting miniatures, it’s important to consider color theory and how different colors interact with each other. Orruk Flesh is a warm, light-medium brown color that can be paired with a variety of other colors to create visually interesting and balanced compositions.

  • Pink: Pink Horror, a bright pink color is a complementary color to Orruk Flesh which creates a high contrast, this pink can be used to create vibrant highlights that draw attention to specific areas of the miniature.
  • Black: Abaddon Black, a rich black can be used as a shadow color to add depth and dimension to the Orruk Flesh. It also adds a high contrast to the flesh, it’s a great way to create a dynamic range in the miniature.
  • Gold: Balthasar Gold, a warm metallic gold can be used to create highlights and other embellishments on the miniature, such as jewelry, decorations, weapons, and armor. The gold color will complement the brown flesh by creating a balance on the overall color scheme.

In conclusion, the choice to select these hues was influenced by the color theory, which holds that contrast and balance are produced by complimentary and split-complementary hues. Orruk Flesh, Pink Horror, Abaddon Black, and Balthasar Gold make a wonderful color combination that enables the painter to produce dynamic and aesthetically pleasing miniatures. Additionally, black and gold are excellent for giving the Orruk Flesh depth and dimension, and the gold can be used for metallic highlights.

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