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Flesh Tearers Red Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Flesh Tearers Red from Citadel Colour is a vibrant and intense paint that perfectly captures the blood-red color of the Blood Angels' successor chapter. This paint is perfect for adding a bold and striking accent to any miniature, whether it be a Space Marine or a Chaos Daemon.
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Flesh Tearers Red Paint Review

Flesh Tearers Red is a vibrant and intense paint from Citadel Colour, perfect for painting the miniature armies of the Blood Angels’ successor chapter, the Flesh Tearers. It has a high-quality acrylic formulation with excellent pigmentation that provides great coverage as a base coat. It dries with a smooth, matt finish that creates a foundation for highlighting and shading techniques. It is an excellent addition to the beginner’s palette of colors for miniatures and provides a striking and bold look when used as the main color on miniatures.

What vehicle armies to paint with Flesh Tearers Red

Flesh Tearers Red is a vibrant and intense red that can make vehicles look imposing and menacing on the tabletop. Here are three Warhammer 40K vehicles that I think would look great with this color:

  • Blood Angels Baal Predator – As the Flesh Tearers are a successor chapter of the Blood Angels, it’s only fitting to start with one of their vehicles. The Baal Predator is a fast and heavily armed tank that can tear through enemy lines, and painting it with Flesh Tearers Red will make it look even more intimidating.
  • Ork Battlewagon – Orks are known for their love of red and their haphazard approach to vehicle construction, so it’s no surprise that a Flesh Tearers Red Battlewagon would fit right in with an Ork army. The bright red color will contrast nicely with the Orks’ greenskin and metal armor.
  • Necron Doomsday Ark – The sleek and sinister design of the Necron Doomsday Ark is a perfect canvas for the deep and rich color of Flesh Tearers Red. The contrast between the red and the metallic silver and gold of the Necron vehicle will create a striking effect on the tabletop.

The thought that Flesh Tearers Red is a strong and dramatic color that can give vehicles a furious look was the basis for the choice of these particular automobiles. The first two choices are also influenced by Warhammer 40K lore because the Orks love the color red and the Flesh Tearers have ties to the Blood Angels. 

The Necron Doomsday Ark, on the other hand, was picked because of its streamlined and cutting-edge style, which can nicely contrast with the vivid red hue.

Flesh Tearers Red Colour Schemes & Combinations

  • Kantor Blue is a great choice to use alongside Flesh Tearers Red. Blue and red are complementary colors, meaning they are opposite each other on the color wheel, creating a dynamic contrast when used together. Kantor Blue is a darker shade that works well for shading and creating depth, and can be used to create interesting highlights when paired with Flesh Tearers Red.
  • Administratum Grey is a neutral grey color that works well with Flesh Tearers Red. Grey is an analogous color to both blue and red, meaning they are next to each other on the color wheel, creating a cohesive color scheme. Administratum Grey can be used for highlighting, adding texture, or creating a neutral background that allows the red to stand out.
  • Jokaero Orange is a bold choice to use with Flesh Tearers Red. Orange and red are split-complementary colors, meaning they are adjacent to the complementary color (in this case, green), creating a balanced and harmonious color scheme. Jokaero Orange can be used to create interesting highlights or to add pops of color in specific areas, creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect.

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