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Phalanx Yellow Layer Paint Citadel Colour

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It's like a ray of sunshine captured in a bottle, the Phalanx Yellow creates a solid and dynamic base for any miniature painting, providing an excellent starting point for even the most experienced painters to build upon.
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Phalanx Yellow Paint Review

Phalanx Yellow from Citadel Colour is an acrylic paint designed for miniature painting. It is a bright and vibrant yellow with a smooth matt finish. The paint is formulated with high-quality pigments that provide excellent coverage and a strong foundation, making it perfect for beginners to use as a base coat color in their palette. It’s like a ray of sunshine captured in a bottle, the Phalanx Yellow creates a solid and dynamic base for any miniature painting, providing an excellent starting point for even the most experienced painters to build upon.

What armies to paint with Phalanx Yellow

In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Space Marines are one of the most iconic factions, known for their heavily armored soldiers and advanced machinery. Within the Space Marines, there are many different chapters and sub-factions, each with their own distinctive color schemes.

When it comes to using Phalanx Yellow as a paint color for Space Marines, there are several different options. Here are three examples of Space Marine units that can be painted with Phalanx Yellow:

  • Ultramarines: The Ultramarines are one of the original First Founding chapters of the Space Marines, and they have a color scheme that is primarily blue with gold accents. Phalanx Yellow can be used as an accent color on the shoulder pads and other small details, to add a contrasting color to the blue and gold.
  • Imperial Fists: The Imperial Fists are another First Founding chapter of the Space Marines, and they are known for their yellow armor. Phalanx Yellow would be perfect for painting the Imperial Fists’ primary armor color.
  • Imperial Fist veteran squad: Imperial Fists veterans are elite troops who are hand picked from the main force. They are known for their elite yellow armour and as such, Phalanx Yellow will be a perfect fit to paint their power armor.

These specific 3 options were chosen as they are all Space Marine units and they are easily recognizable, also they have a yellow color scheme that would match perfectly with Phalanx yellow.

Note: These are just examples and you should always consult the instructions manual or any reference material you have on the particular model you would like to paint.

Phalanx Yellow Colour Schemes & Combinations

When it comes to painting with Citadel Colours, it’s important to consider color theory and how different hues can interact with each other. Phalanx Yellow is a warm, vibrant yellow, so when pairing it with other colors, it can be useful to consider complementary and split-complementary color schemes.

Here is a list of blue, bone and flesh Citadel Colours that can work well with Phalanx Yellow:

  • Caledor Sky : A deep, cool blue that can provide a nice contrast with the warm yellow of Phalanx Yellow. This can be used as a base color or accent color on the model, to create a complementary color scheme.
  • Karak Stone : A light cool grey, the bones of the models can be a nice visual balance with Phalanx Yellow as a highlight color, making it perfect for painting the details on the bones like skull, ribcage, or any other bones on the model
  • Kislev Flesh : A warm light pink, similar to a skin tone. This can be used as a base color for flesh areas of the model, such as faces or hands, and Phalanx Yellow can be used as a highlight color to add a bit of brightness and warmth to the flesh tones.

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions and you can always experiment with different color combinations to find the one that you like best. And if you plan to use metallic colours, you can add some gold or silver to the Phalanx Yellow to make it more interesting and eye-catching.

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