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Ironjawz Yellow

Ironjawz Yellow Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Ironjawz Yellow from Citadel Colour is a vibrant and eye-catching paint that adds a pop of boldness to any miniature. Its bright, golden-yellow hue is perfect for highlighting key details or creating striking accents on your models.
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Ironjawz Yellow Paint Review

Ironjawz Yellow from Citadel Colour is a vibrant and bold yellow paint, perfect for adding a pop of color to your miniature painting projects. This paint has a smooth, matt finish that provides excellent coverage, making it ideal for base coating large areas of your miniatures. The pigments in Ironjawz Yellow are highly pigmented and mix well with other Citadel Colour paints, providing a consistent and even application every time. This paint is a great choice for beginners as well as seasoned painters, as it provides a solid foundation for building up your color palette.

What armies to paint with Ironjawz Yellow

Ironjawz Yellow is a bold, vibrant paint that’s well-suited for highlighting and accenting the armor and machinery of a number of Warhammer 40K armies. The following are three factions that are ideal candidates for this eye-catching paint:

  • Orks – As one of the most vibrant and chaotic factions in the Warhammer 40K universe,  would benefit greatly from Ironjawz Yellow as an accent color. It can be used to highlight key areas of their armor and machinery, giving them an even more wild and aggressive appearance.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus – This faction of technologically-advanced priests is known for their intricate and highly-detailed machinery, which would be well-suited for the metallic sheen of Ironjawz Yellow. This paint can be used to highlight the intricate details and circuit-like designs on their tanks and infantry, giving them an even more otherworldly appearance.
  • Imperial Guard – The Imperial Guard is a massive army, made up of countless soldiers and machinery. By using Ironjawz Yellow to highlight key areas of their armor and guns, you can create a cohesive, eye-catching look that sets them apart from the rest of your army.

Ironjawz Yellow Colour Schemes & Combinations

Based on color theory and complementary colors, the following Citadel Colour paints can be used together with Ironjawz Yellow:

  • Grey: Ulthuan Grey – This paint can be used to highlight Ironjawz Yellow and create a bright and balanced color combo.
  • Brown: Mournfang Brown – This paint can be used to create shadows and depth when combined with Ironjawz Yellow.
  • Blue: Kantor Blue – This paint can be used as a split-complementary color with Ironjawz Yellow, providing a contrast that is not too jarring.

Analogous colors can also be used with Ironjawz Yellow, such as Averland Sunset and Flash Gitz Yellow. When creating a color scheme, it is important to balance the use of hues and highlights with shadows and depth, especially when working with metallics. 

By combining complementary and split-complementary colors, the Ironjawz Yellow can be emphasized while also creating a cohesive and visually interesting composition.

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