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Mournfang Brown Base Paint Citadel Colour

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Mournfang Brown by Citadel Colours is a rich, dark brown color that's popular for painting miniatures.
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Mournfang Brown Paint Review

Citadel Colours’ Mournfang Brown is a rich, dark brown paint that is popular for miniature painting. 

It is a matte-finish acrylic paint that is suitable for use as a base coat or foundation for your miniature. 

This paint’s pigments provide good coverage, making it an excellent choice for beginners wishing to create a solid foundation for their miniature painting. 

Mournfang Brown is a versatile color that works well on a range of miniature palettes, making it an indispensable tool in the inventory of every miniature painter.

Whether you’re painting Space Marines, Orks, or Necrons, Mournfang Brown can be a useful tool in creating a cohesive and visually striking miniature army.

What armies can you paint with Mournfang Brown?

In the vast and varied Warhammer 40K universe, there are many factions and armies to choose from, each with their own unique aesthetics and themes. Here are three armies that could benefit from the use of Mournfang Brown in their miniature painting schemes:

  • The Space Marines: The iconic soldiers of the Imperium, Space Marines are known for their heavy, ornate armor and weapons. Mournfang Brown would be a great choice for painting the metal and ceramite plates of their armor, adding a sense of rugged durability and age to the miniatures. It could also be used to highlight the barrels of their guns and machinery, giving them a sense of weight and power.
  • The Orks: The brutal and anarchic Orks are always looking for a fight, and their armies are filled with crudely-made but heavily-armed soldiers, vehicles, and machinery. Mournfang Brown would be a perfect fit for the Ork aesthetic, adding a rough and dirty look to their armor, guns, and tanks. It could also be used to create a sense of rust and decay on their machinery, fitting with their penchant for cobbling together their weapons and vehicles from whatever scraps they can find.
  • The Necrons: The ancient and undying Necrons are a shadowy force that rise from the depths of the galaxy to claim what is rightfully theirs. Mournfang Brown would be a great color for painting the metallic bodies of the Necron warriors, adding a sense of age and mystery to the miniatures. It could also be used to highlight the intricate details and designs on their armor, giving them a sense of otherworldly elegance.

Mournfang Brown Colour Schemes & Combinations

Choosing the proper colours to use together is a key component of making a cohesive and visually pleasing miniature. Bellow, you can find some other Citadel Colour paints that could be used in conjunction with Mournfang Brown to produce fascinating and dynamic color combinations:

  • Ushabti Bone: This pale, off-white color may be used to highlight Mournfang Brown, adding contrast and depth to the model. The two hues could be combined to simulate wear and tear, with Mournfang Brown representing the underlying metal or armor and Ushabti Bone indicating chipped or faded paint.
  • Mephiston Red: This intense red color can be used as a complement to Mournfang Brown to create a powerful and startling contrast. The Mournfang Brown and Mephiston Red could be used combined to create a sense of danger or hostility, with the Mournfang Brown suggesting heavy machinery or armor and the Mephiston Red indicating flames or warning signs.
  • Kabalite Green: This dark forest green could be used as a split-complementary color to Mournfang Brown, creating a harmonic and subtle contrast. The two hues could be combined to create a sense of concealment or stealth, with Mournfang Brown supporting the metal or armor and Kabalite Green signifying surrounding flora.
  • Leadbelcher: This metallic silver color is similar to Mournfang Brown in that it provides a sense of balance and wholeness. The two hues could be combined to convey a sense of sophistication or technological advancement, with Mournfang Brown signifying metal or armor and Leadbelcher suggesting detailed details or embellishments.

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