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Mordant Earth from Citadel Colour is a deep, rich brown with subtle hints of red that add a warm and earthy tone to any miniature. Its mordant finish gives it a matte, slightly rough texture that is perfect for weathered and rustic looks. This paint is perfect for painting terrain, bases, and accessories.
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Mordant Earth Paint Review

Mordant Earth from Citadel Colour is a versatile and reliable paint for miniature painting. With its rich, brown hue and matte finish, it provides a perfect foundation for creating a range of natural and earthy tones on your miniatures. The high-quality pigments in this acrylic paint ensure excellent coverage, making it an ideal choice for beginners or experienced painters looking for a dependable base coat. Whether you’re painting soldiers, tanks, or terrain, Mordant Earth is a must-have in any miniature painter’s palette.

What Space Marine armies to paint with Mordant Earth

  • Imperial Fists: Mordant Earth is a great choice for painting the yellow power armor of the Imperial Fists Space Marine chapter. When used as a base coat, it provides a natural and realistic earthy tone that complements the bright yellow, making the armor stand out.
  • Black Templars: Mordant Earth is also a great option for painting the black armor of the Black Templars chapter. When drybrushed with lighter shades, it can create a weathered and battle-worn look that is perfect for this fierce chapter.
  • Iron Hands: For those who prefer a grittier, industrial look, Mordant Earth is ideal for painting the metal components of the Iron Hands’ cyborg bodies. Its earthy tones complement the metallic elements and give the impression of aged and well-used machinery.

These recommendations are made based on the ability of Mordant Earth to create a solid foundation for the subsequent layers of paint, allowing for a natural and harmonious look for each of these factions in the Warhammer 40K universe.

Mordant Earth Colour Schemes & Combinations

When painting with Mordant Earth, you can create an eye-catching contrast by combining it with a range of flesh tones, brass, and teal colors. The following are some Citadel Color paints that can be used with Mordant Earth:

  • Averland Sunset (flesh tone) – This warm, orangey-brown flesh tone works well with Mordant Earth as a split-complementary color combination, creating a bold contrast that helps to make the details pop.
  • Balthasar Gold (brass) – This rich metallic brass color provides a warm, luxurious accent to Mordant Earth, making it a great choice for painting Space Marine armor, guns, or machinery.
  • Temple Guard Blue (teal) – This cool, blue-green teal color provides a balanced contrast with Mordant Earth, creating a harmonious color combo that works well for painting infantry and tanks.

In conclusion, when selecting colors to combine with Mordant Earth, it’s important to consider color theory and how hues, shadows, and highlights work together to create balance and depth in your paint job.

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