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Magmadroth Flame Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Magmadroth Flame Contrast Paint from Citadel Colour is a fiery, translucent paint that creates a smoldering, molten effect on your miniatures. The paint is designed to flow into recesses and create natural-looking shading, giving your models a sense of depth and texture.
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Magmadroth Flame Paint Review

Magmadroth Flame paint from Citadel Colour is a fiery and intense acrylic colour for miniature painting. Its base coat is rich and smooth, providing a solid foundation for the pigments to adhere to the miniature’s surface. The matt finish of the paint ensures that the colour appears consistent and does not reflect light in any distracting manner. This is an ideal colour for beginners looking to expand their palette of colours for miniatures, as it has excellent coverage and can be applied with ease, creating a vibrant and bold look. The paint’s intensity is akin to that of molten lava, providing a striking contrast to other colours on a miniature’s palette.

What armies to paint with Magmadroth Flame

If you’re looking to paint Warhammer 40K Space Marine armies with Magmadroth Flame, there are a few factions and armies that could be a good fit. Here are three that you might consider:

  • Salamanders – The Salamanders are a loyalist Space Marine chapter known for their exceptional skill in crafting weapons and armor. Their color scheme is primarily green and black, but they often incorporate flames and other fiery motifs into their designs, making Magmadroth Flame a great choice for highlighting those details.
  • Chaos Space Marines – As the name suggests, Chaos Space Marines are the traitorous counterparts to the loyalist Space Marines. They worship the dark gods of the Warhammer 40K universe and often have a more chaotic and corrupted appearance. Magmadroth Flame could be used to give their armor a fiery, hellish look.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus – a faction within the Warhammer 40K universe that specializes in technology and machinery. Their troops are heavily augmented with cybernetic enhancements, and their vehicles and weapons are often adorned with intricate patterns and designs. Magmadroth Flame could be used to give their machinery a fiery, industrial look that fits with the Adeptus Mechanicus’ aesthetic.

The decision to list these specific armies was based on a few factors. First, they all have a strong presence in the Warhammer 40K universe, meaning that they have a wide range of models and lore for you to explore. 

Second, they all have elements in their armies that could be enhanced with Magmadroth Flame, whether it be the Salamanders’ fiery motifs, the Chaos Space Marines’ hellish appearance, or the Adeptus Mechanicus’ intricate machinery. Finally, they offer a variety of different playstyles and strategic options, so you can choose the army that best fits your preferences.

Magmadroth Flame Colour Schemes & Combinations

Here is a list of flesh, black, and blue Citadel Colour paints that can be used together with Magmadroth Flame:

  • Flesh: Kislev Flesh. This paint is a warm, pale flesh tone that can provide a great base color for highlighting with Magmadroth Flame. The warm tones of Kislev Flesh are a great complementary color to the cool, fiery hues of Magmadroth Flame, and using these colors together can help create a balanced color scheme.
  • Black: Abaddon Black. Black is a great color to use as a base for highlighting with Magmadroth Flame, as it provides a dark contrast to the fiery hues. Abaddon Black is a deep, rich black that can provide a great foundation for creating shadows and depth in your miniatures.
  • Blue: Kantor Blue. While blue may not seem like an obvious choice to pair with Magmadroth Flame, using an analogous color can help create a more cohesive and visually appealing color combo. Kantor Blue is a deep, rich blue that can be used as a highlight or accent color to complement the warm oranges and reds of Magmadroth Flame.

In the case of using Magmadroth Flame, a warm, fiery hue, it can be complemented by cool tones like blues, as well as warm tones like flesh. By using a mix of complementary, split-complementary, and analogous colors, you can create a balanced and visually appealing color combo. Additionally, using a black base can help create shadows and depth, while metallic accents can add a touch of shine and highlight to your miniatures.

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