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Citadel Colour's Skeleton Horde is the perfect paint for painting armies of the undead. With its bone-white finish, it gives a realistic and eerie appearance to any skeletal figure. The paint is easy to apply and is compatible with a wide range of other Citadel Colour paints.
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Skeleton Horde Paint Review

Citadel Colour’s Skeleton Horde paint is a versatile and reliable acrylic paint for miniature painting. This base coat has a matte finish and is formulated with high-quality pigments to provide excellent coverage and a smooth, even finish. As a foundational color in the Citadel Colour palette, Skeleton Horde is perfect for beginners and experienced painters alike, allowing for easy highlighting and shading of undead armies, bones, and other skeletal details. It’s a bone-colored paint with a slightly beige hue that provides a realistic bone-like finish and can be used as the foundation for many other colors and techniques.

What armies to paint with Skeleton Horde

While Skeleton Horde is technically a paint intended for fantasy miniature painting, it can also be used in the Warhammer 40K universe to paint a variety of factions and armies that include undead or bone-like elements. Here are three such armies:

  • Necrons: The Necrons are a robotic race of undead warriors, and Skeleton Horde is an excellent base color to represent their bony exoskeletons. The bone-like finish provided by Skeleton Horde is perfect for capturing the look of the Necrons’ skeletal armor plates and weapons.
  • Death Guard: The Death Guard are a faction of Chaos Space Marines with a decayed and rotting appearance. Skeleton Horde can be used as a base color to represent the exposed bone and skeletal structures of their armor and weaponry.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: The Adeptus Mechanicus are a faction of human cyborgs who have augmented their bodies with robotic components. Skeleton Horde can be used as a base color for the mechanical skeletons and bones that make up their cybernetic enhancements.

These armies were chosen based on their aesthetic themes and the presence of bone-like or skeletal elements in their design.

Skeleton Horde Colour Schemes & Combinations

Here is a list of Citadel Colour paints that can be used in conjunction with Skeleton Horde:

  • Pink Horror: Pink is a split-complementary color to green, which is the complementary color of red, and pink can create an interesting visual contrast to Skeleton Horde. Using Pink Horror as a highlight color can create an interesting balance and contrast to the bone-like finish of Skeleton Horde, making for a unique color scheme.
  • Abaddon Black: Black is a great color to use as a shade to add depth and contrast to the color scheme, and Abaddon Black is a solid black color that will work well with Skeleton Horde.
  • Runefang Steel: Silver and metallic colors can be used to highlight and add details to a miniature, and Runefang Steel is an excellent option for this. Used sparingly, Runefang Steel can help highlight specific areas and add visual interest to the miniature.

Pink Horror is a split-complementary color to the greenish tone of Skeleton Horde, and using it as a highlight color will create a balanced and interesting color scheme. Abaddon Black is a strong contrast to the light color of Skeleton Horde, and will add depth and visual interest. Runefang Steel is a metallic color that can be used to highlight and add details to the miniature, creating a nice contrast to the more organic look of the Skeleton Horde.

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