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Astrogranite Technical Paint Citadel Colour

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Astrogranite is a textured paint from Citadel Colour that creates a gritty, rocky surface perfect for bases of miniatures or terrain pieces. Its dark gray color makes it an ideal base layer for a variety of projects, from sci-fi to fantasy.
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Astrogranite Paint Review

The Astrogranite paint from Citadel Colour is a textured, grey paint with a matte finish, perfect for creating a rugged, rocky surface on any miniature. The high-quality pigments are suspended in an acrylic medium, providing excellent coverage with just one coat. The colour is a versatile addition to any miniature painter’s palette and provides a solid foundation for layering and highlighting other colors. This beginner-friendly shade is ideal for those looking to add a touch of realism to their miniature painting projects. The Astrogranite paint can add depth and dimension to your models, making them look like they’re carved from stone.

What Xenos Armies to paint with Astrogranite

The Astrogranite paint is ideal for painting a variety of Xeno armies in the Warhammer 40K universe. Here are three Xeno armies that would look great in this textured, grey color:

  • Tyranids – This army of monstrous creatures would benefit greatly from the Astrogranite paint. The paint’s textured finish would give the Tyranids’ exoskeletons a rugged, organic look, as if they were grown rather than built.
  • Necrons – This army of robotic beings is often depicted as having metallic exoskeletons with a rough, weathered appearance. The Astrogranite paint would work well as a base coat for the Necrons, giving their armor a unique, industrial look.
  • Dark Eldar – This army of sadistic raiders is known for their sleek, high-tech vehicles and equipment. The Astrogranite paint would be perfect for creating a rough, industrial look on their machinery, giving it a sense of otherworldly and sinister quality.

These armies were chosen because each of them has a number of characteristics that work well with a textured, neutral paint like Astrogranite. The paint is a fantastic option for giving your models a distinctive and intriguing look because of its versatility and capacity to provide a sense of ruggedness and texture.

Astrogranite Colour Schemes & Combinations

When painting with Astrogranite, you can create a vibrant color scheme by selecting complementary or split-complementary colors to use with it. Here are a few Citadel Colour paints that work well with Astrogranite:

  • Cadian Fleshtone – This warm, flesh color provides a complementary contrast to the cool, neutral tone of Astrogranite, making it a great choice for skin tones or other organic elements.
  • Khorne Red – This bright, bold red color provides a split-complementary contrast to Astrogranite, creating a striking and eye-catching color combination.
  • Stormhost Silver – This metallic copper color provides a warm, glowing contrast to Astrogranite, making it a great choice for adding highlights or metallic accents.

Because they complement Astrogranite well in terms of color theory, these hues were chosen. A warm complementary hue is provided by Cadian Fleshtone, a powerful split-complementary hue by Khorne Red, and a warm metallic hue by Stormhost Silver.

A attractive and unified color scheme is produced by balancing warm and cool tones, as well as mixing light and dark values. For shading or highlighting, you might also think about including a darker or lighter grey into your color scheme.

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