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Spiritstone Red Technical Paint Citadel Colour

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Spiritstone Red from Citadel Colour is a deep, rich red that adds a vibrant touch to any miniature or model. With its smooth consistency and strong pigment, this paint is easy to work with and provides excellent coverage. It dries to a beautiful glossy finish, making it perfect for achieving a realistic look on your projects.
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Spiritstone Red Paint Review

The Spiritstone Red paint from Citadel Colour is a striking and vivid hue that is sure to make your miniatures stand out. The high-quality pigments used in this paint ensure an even coverage with just one base coat, making it an ideal choice for both beginner and experienced painters. The bright red color of Spiritstone Red will make a strong foundation for your painting, providing a bold and striking base for highlighting, shadows and other details. This acrylic paint has a smooth, matte finish that will provide a natural-looking base for your miniatures, making it a staple in your palette of colours for miniatures.

What Armies of the Imperium to paint with Spiritstone Red

When it comes to painting the armies of the Imperium in Warhammer 40K using Spiritstone Red, there are several factions that are a perfect fit for this striking color. The following are three factions that are known for their use of Spiritstone Red:

  • The Space Marines – This faction of soldiers is known for their distinctive power armor and use of Spiritstone Red as their primary color, making it a perfect match for painting the Space Marines. This hue provides a bold foundation for the intricate details and weathering that are so often present in their armor.
  • The Imperial Guard – The Imperial Guard is an army that is known for its sheer numbers and impressive machinery. Spiritstone Red provides an excellent base color for painting the armor and weapons of this faction, bringing a sense of strength and power to their appearance.
  • The Adeptus Mechanicus – This faction is all about the advanced technology that they bring to the battlefield. The use of Spiritstone Red on their machines and weapons adds a sense of danger and power, perfectly complementing the advanced technological designs.

When deciding on which factions to list, I considered the primary color used by each army and how well Spiritstone Red would work as a base coat or accent color. These factions are known for using red in their color schemes, making Spiritstone Red a natural fit.

Spiritstone Red Colour Schemes & Combinations

When it comes to choosing colors to complement Spiritstone Red, there are a few options to consider. The combination of blue, black, and gold creates a strong and striking contrast that will make your miniatures stand out.

In terms of blue colors, you could try Caliban Green or Temple Guard Blue. These colors will provide a strong contrast against the red, while also adding a pop of coolness to the palette.

For black, you could choose Eshin Grey or Abaddon Black. Both of these colors provide a neutral and grounding effect, helping to balance out the brighter colors in the palette.

Finally, for a touch of metallic, try using Runefang Steel or Retributor Armour. These gold colors will add a touch of glamour and shine, and will also help to tie all of the colors together.

When using these colors together, it is important to remember to use color theory to create balance and harmony in your palette. Consider using analogous colors, where colors are next to each other on the color wheel, for shading and highlights. Also, consider using split-complementary colors, where colors opposite to each other on the color wheel are used together, to create strong contrast and interest.

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