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Stirland Battlemire Technical Paint Citadel Colour

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Stirland Battlemire is a rich and earthy brown paint from Citadel Colour that is perfect for creating a realistic muddy terrain on miniatures and dioramas. Its matte finish and high pigment density ensure excellent coverage and durability.
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Stirland Battlemire Paint Review

The Stirland Battlemire paint from Citadel Colour is a rich, earthy brown with a matte finish, perfect for creating a solid base coat on any miniature. The high-quality pigments are suspended in an acrylic medium, providing excellent coverage with just one coat. The colour is a staple in any miniature painter’s palette and provides the perfect foundation for layering and highlighting. This versatile shade is beginner-friendly and ideal for those looking to build their confidence in miniature painting.

What vehicle armies to paint with Stirland Battlemire

The Stirland Battlemire paint is ideal for painting a variety of vehicles in the Warhammer 40K universe. Here are three vehicles that would look great in this shade of brown:

  • Imperial Guard Chimera – This versatile tank is often used as a transport for infantry units in the Imperial Guard army. The Stirland Battlemire paint would work well for the vehicle’s armor plating, giving it a rugged and well-used appearance.
  • Ork Battlewagon – This hulking tank is favored by the Ork faction for its durability and firepower. The Stirland Battlemire paint would be perfect for creating a battle-worn look on the vehicle’s armor and guns, reflecting the Orks’ love of warfare.
  • Necron Destroyer – These swift and deadly machines are favored by the Necron army as a support unit. The Stirland Battlemire paint would work well as a base coat for the Necron’s metallic exoskeleton, allowing other colors to pop and creating a great contrast.

These vehicles were selected because they all have armor or machinery that would be well-suited for a base coat of Stirland Battlemire. The paint’s versatility and earthy brown color make it a great choice for creating a foundation for other colors and highlights.

Stirland Battlemire Colour Schemes & Combinations

When painting with Stirland Battlemire, you can create a harmonious color scheme by selecting complementary or analogous colors to use with it. Here are a few Citadel Colour paints that work well with Stirland Battlemire:

  • Averland Sunset – This warm, vibrant orange is a complementary color to Stirland Battlemire, creating a high-contrast, eye-catching color combination.
  • Skullcrusher Brass – This bone color is a lighter value of Stirland Battlemire and works well as a highlight color, adding depth and interest to the base coat.
  • Ironbreaker – This dark black color is another complementary color to Stirland Battlemire, creating a strong contrast that can be used to add shadows and definition.

These colors were selected because they work well with Stirland Battlemire in terms of colour theory. Averland Sunset provides a complementary pop of color, Skullcrusher Brass provides a lighter value for highlighting, and Ironbreaker provides a dark value for shadows. 

The balance of warm hues and cool hues, as well as the mix of light and dark values, creates a pleasing and harmonious color combo. Additionally, you could consider adding a metallic color such as Runefang Steel to your palette for extra dimension and interest.

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