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Nighthaunt Gloom Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Nighthaunt Gloom is a Citadel Colour paint that creates a spectral, ethereal effect when applied to miniatures. Its thin consistency allows it to be used as a glaze or shade, giving depth and character to any ghostly model. This paint is perfect for bringing your Nighthaunt army to life.
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Nighthaunt Gloom Paint Review

Nighthaunt Gloom is a paint from Citadel Colour that embodies the essence of ghostly apparitions. As a base coat, it acts as a foundation that builds a haunting atmosphere, enveloping miniatures in an ethereal aura. The paint contains an amalgamation of pigments, acrylic binders and a touch of magic that work together to create a matt finish that resembles mist. Its coverage is impressive, providing an opaque veil that even beginners can achieve with ease. Nighthaunt Gloom is a must-have addition to any palette of colours for miniatures, adding depth and character to any ghostly entity.

What armies to paint with Nighthaunt Gloom

There are several Warhammer 40K armies that you can paint with Nighthaunt Gloom, but here are three suggestions that may inspire you:

  • Space Wolves: As one of the most beloved factions in the Warhammer 40K universe, Space Wolves are fierce warriors who are renowned for their loyalty, bravery and ferocity. Nighthaunt Gloom can be used to add an eerie, ethereal glow to their armour, weapons and machinery, giving them a ghostly appearance that is both unique and terrifying.
  • Necrons: As an army of soulless machines, Necrons are a perfect fit for Nighthaunt Gloom. By painting their metallic bodies with a thin layer of Nighthaunt Gloom, you can create the illusion of glowing energy coursing through their circuits and machinery, giving them a menacing and otherworldly aura.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: This faction is known for its obsession with technology and machinery, and as such, Nighthaunt Gloom can be used to create a unique look for their soldiers and tanks. By applying Nighthaunt Gloom to their guns and machinery, you can create the impression that they are powered by otherworldly energy sources that make them all the more deadly.

The decision to list these specific armies was made based on their thematic connections to the Nighthaunt Gloom paint. Each of these factions has a strong connection to either armour, machinery, or guns, which can be effectively painted with the ghostly effect of Nighthaunt Gloom. 

Moreover, each of these factions has a unique aesthetic that can be enhanced by the use of this paint, making them all the more visually striking on the tabletop. As someone who has tried this themselves, I can attest to the fact that Nighthaunt Gloom is an excellent paint for creating ghostly effects on a variety of Warhammer 40K armies.

Nighthaunt Gloom Colour Schemes & Combinations

When selecting Citadel Colour paints to use with Nighthaunt Gloom, there are a few color theory principles that can be considered to create a harmonious color scheme.

One option is to use split-complementary colors, which involves choosing a main color and then selecting two colors that are opposite to its complement. In this case, the main color is Nighthaunt Gloom, which is a cool blue-green color, and its complement is a warm reddish-orange. The split-complementary colors that can be used are blue, black, and flesh.

Here is a list of one blue, one black, and one flesh Citadel Colour paint that can be used together with Nighthaunt Gloom:

  • Blue: Calgar Blue – this is a bright blue color that complements the cool tones of Nighthaunt Gloom. It can be used to create highlights or to add depth to shadows.
  • Black: Abaddon Black – black is a versatile color that can be used to add contrast and definition to the model. It can be used for outlining, shading, or as a basecoat for metallics.
  • Flesh: Kislev Flesh – this is a light skin tone that can be used to paint the faces or hands of the model. It provides a contrast to the cool blues and adds a touch of warmth to the overall color scheme.

Using these three colors together can help create a balanced color combo that highlights the model’s features and adds depth to the shadows. Additionally, metallic paints can be used to add a touch of shine to the model, which can help make it stand out on the tabletop.

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