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Stormshield Varnish Paint Citadel Colour

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Stormshield paint from Citadel Colour is a premium-grade acrylic paint that provides excellent coverage and durability for your miniature models. Its unique formula offers superior resistance against scratches, chipping, and weathering, making it ideal for tabletop gaming and display.
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Stormshield Paint Review

Stormshield is a highly pigmented, quick-drying paint from Citadel Colour. It is an acrylic paint that provides a smooth, even coverage and a durable, matte finish. This paint is ideal for use as a base coat on miniatures and models, serving as the foundation for other colors to be applied on top.

Stormshield has a versatile, neutral tone that makes it a popular choice for beginner painters and hobbyists. It provides excellent coverage, even over dark surfaces, and dries to a hard, durable finish that will withstand the rigors of handling and display.

In conclusion, Stormshield is a valuable addition to any painter’s palette, offering a reliable and versatile base coat that provides excellent coverage and a durable finish. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced miniature painter, Stormshield is the perfect foundation for creating eye-catching, long-lasting models and miniatures.

What armies to paint with Stormshield

The following are three Warhammer 40K armies that can be painted with Stormshield:

  • Imperial Guard: The Imperial Guard is an army known for its diverse range of infantry and armored units, making it a great choice for Stormshield. This neutral tone provides a great base coat for the Imperial Guard’s large array of tank and infantry models, as well as their varied color schemes.
  • Space Wolves: The Space Wolves are a fierce, Nordic-inspired army with a rugged and weathered appearance. Stormshield provides an ideal base coat for their armor, weapons, and vehicles, serving as a foundation for the gritty, battle-worn look of this army.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: The Adeptus Mechanicus is an army of tech-priests, machines, and robots. Stormshield is perfect for painting the metallic surfaces of their vehicles and robots, providing a neutral base that allows the colors used to create the intricate details on these models to stand out.

These armies were selected because they each have a distinct visual style and a variety of models that can benefit from the neutral, versatile tone of Stormshield. Whether you’re painting armored units, infantry, or machinery, Stormshield provides an excellent foundation for creating long-lasting, eye-catching models and miniatures.

Stormshield Colour Schemes & Combinations

The following is a list of Citadel Colour paints that can be used in conjunction with Stormshield:

  • Gold: Highlight your Stormshield-painted models with the gleaming pigments of Balthasar Gold. This warm metallic color will add detail and contrast to your models.
  • Red: Add depth and vibrancy to your Stormshield-painted models with the bold hues of Mephiston Red. This split-complementary color provides a bold contrast to the green undertones of Stormshield.
  • Grey: Create subtle shadows and highlights on your Stormshield-painted models with the versatile pigments of Dawnstone. This analogous color provides a natural complement to the neutral tone of Stormshield.

These Citadel Colour paints were selected because they complement the neutral tone of Stormshield and offer a range of options for creating interesting, dynamic color combinations. Whether you’re using Balthazar Gold to add highlights, Mephiston Red to create bold contrasts, or Dawnstone to create subtle shadows, these Citadel Colours provide an excellent way to bring your Stormshield-painted models to life.

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