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Typhus Corrosion Technical Paint Citadel Colour

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Citadel Colour's Typhus Corrosion is a dark, gritty paint with a textured finish that is perfect for creating a weathered, corroded look on metal surfaces. It's particularly effective when used in conjunction with other rust and corrosion effects to create a truly realistic and convincing result.
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Typhus Corrosion Paint Review

The Typhus Corrosion paint from Citadel Colour is a versatile, acrylic-based paint that provides a basecoat of mottled, rusty green and brown hues. This paint provides excellent coverage and is a great choice for painting the rusted, worn metal surfaces of miniatures and terrain pieces in the Warhammer 40K universe. Its pigments are carefully chosen to provide a natural and weathered appearance, making it an ideal foundation for a beginner’s palette of colors for miniature painting. The matte finish adds a subtle touch of realism, giving the paint a timeless quality that evokes the grimdark atmosphere of the Warhammer 40K setting.

What armies to paint with Typhus Corrosion

When it comes to painting Warhammer 40K armies with Typhus Corrosion, there are several factions that would benefit greatly from its eerie, corroded appearance. Here are three popular options:

  • The Death Guard: This faction is known for their decay and disease-ridden appearance, making Typhus Corrosion the perfect choice for painting their armor, weapons, and machinery. Its matte finish will provide a perfect foundation for highlighting and adding depth to their sickly appearance.
  • The Nurgle Daemons: Similar to the Death Guard, Nurgle Daemons are also associated with decay and corruption. Typhoon Corrosion would work great for adding a touch of decay to their grotesque bodies and the plague-ridden environment they inhabit.
  • The Chaos Space Marines: The Chaos Space Marines are a diverse faction, with each legion having its own unique aesthetic. However, the use of Typhus Corrosion can add a common thread of decay and corruption to the otherwise disparate groups. The paint can be used to weather their armor, highlight the details on their weapons, and give the illusion of rusted machinery.

These choices were based on the color’s ability to highlight the dark and corrupted tone of the Warhammer 40K universe as well as how well it complemented the color schemes of the various factions. 

This paint may be used for more than just these three armies; in fact, it’s a terrific place for beginners to start if they want to try their hand at giving their miniatures a spooky, post-apocalyptic appearance.

Typhus Corrosion Colour Schemes & Combinations

  • For a metallic accent to your Typhus Corrosion, consider using the Citadel Colour paint called Mithril Silver. This paint provides a smooth and reflective finish, perfect for adding highlights and details to your miniature’s armor, weapons and other metallic surfaces.
  • A complementary color to Typhus Corrosion is the Citadel Colour paint called Wild Rider Red. This vivid red shade can be used to add contrast to your army, bringing attention to key elements such as banners, eyes, or power weapons.
  • For a clean, bright highlight to your Typhus Corrosion, consider using the Citadel Colour paint called Fortress Grey. This paint provides excellent coverage, making it a great choice for larger areas and as a base for lighter shades and details.

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