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Agrax Earthshade Shade Paint Citadel Colour

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Agrax Earthshade is a popular shade paint from Citadel Colour that is perfect for creating realistic shading and depth on miniatures and models. Its earthy brown color is great for adding a natural, weathered look to armor, clothing, and terrain. Simply apply it over a base coat to create shadows and definition.
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Agrax Earthshade Paint Review

Agrax Earthshade is a popular paint from Citadel Colour with a unique earthy brown color. It is a high-quality wash paint that can be used for a variety of miniature painting applications, providing excellent coverage on base coats, adding depth to recessed areas, and producing a natural-looking shadow effect. This acrylic paint dries to a matt finish, making it a perfect choice for painters of all skill levels. Its rich pigment content helps beginners produce a satisfying effect with minimal effort, while advanced painters can use it to create more nuanced highlights and shadows. Overall, this paint is a versatile addition to any miniature painting palette.

What vehicle armies to paint with Agrax Earthshade

Agrax Earthshade is a fantastic wash paint that can be used to add depth and shadow to a wide range of vehicles from the Warhammer 40K universe. Here are three examples of vehicles that would look great painted with Agrax Earthshade:

  • Ork Battlewagon: The Orks are known for their ramshackle, junkyard style, and Agrax Earthshade can help accentuate the weathered, rusty look of their vehicles, including the Battlewagon. With its large surface area and intricate details, the Battlewagon provides ample opportunity to use Agrax Earthshade to create shadows and depth.
  • Space Marine Rhino: The Rhino is a staple transport vehicle in the Space Marine arsenal, and painting it with Agrax Earthshade can help give it a battle-worn, gritty appearance. With its smooth surfaces and hard edges, the Rhino is an ideal canvas for adding washes of color that can create shadows and depth.
  • Imperial Guard Chimera: The Chimera is a versatile armored transport used by the Imperial Guard, and it can be painted in a variety of colors to suit different regiments. Using Agrax Earthshade on the Chimera can help create a sense of realism by making the vehicle appear more battle-worn and rugged. Its flat surfaces and angular design make it an excellent choice for applying washes of color that can add depth and texture.

In choosing these vehicles, I considered the factions and armies known for their heavy use of vehicles, as well as those with a rugged, battle-worn appearance that would benefit from the application of Agrax Earthshade. Overall, these vehicles are an excellent canvas for experimenting with washes and other techniques to create a realistic, gritty look.

Agrax Earthshade Colour Schemes & Combinations

Here are some bronze, black, and blue Citadel Colour paints that can be used with Agrax Earthshade:

  • Gehenna’s Gold: a darker, more muted bronze that can be used for shading and creating shadows.
  • Abaddon Black: a deep, rich black that can be used for shading and creating contrast.
  • Altdorf Guard Blue: a darker, more muted blue that can be used for shading and creating depth.

These colors were selected based on their compatibility with Agrax Earthshade, their ability to create contrast and depth, and their overall harmony with each other as complementary and split-complementary colors. 

The inclusion of bronze paints adds a metallic element that can help to create a more dynamic and interesting effect. Ultimately, the choice of which specific paints to use will depend on the particular miniature being painted and the desired color scheme.

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