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Warboss Green Layer Paint Citadel Colour

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With its high-quality pigment and smooth consistency, Warboss Green is easy to apply and provides excellent coverage. Whether you're a seasoned painter or just starting out, this paint is a must-have for any greenskin-themed army or collection.
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Warboss Green Paint Review

Warboss Green from Citadel Colour is a highly pigmented acrylic paint that is perfect for use as a base coat on miniatures, it has a strong and vibrant color that can be used to create a striking effect. The paint has a matt finish which makes it an excellent foundation for layering other colors and achieving a wide range of effects. The pigments in the paint are finely ground, providing excellent coverage and allowing for easy application even for beginners. Warboss Green is a great color to use as the foundation of an army, think of it as the backbone of the color scheme, it provides a strong and striking base for the rest of the colors.

What Armies of the Imperium to paint with Warboss Green

There are many different factions, armies, and pieces of equipment in the Warhammer 40K universe. There are various possibilities available when it comes to painting with Warboss Green. Three Armies of the Imperium that go particularly nicely with this color are as follows:

  • Space Marines – Warboss Green is a great color to use for the shoulder pads and other details of the Space Marines, it can give a sense of strength and power to the miniatures. It can also be used to create a striking camouflage pattern on their vehicles and heavy machinery.
  • Imperial Guard – The Imperial Guard is the primary army of the Imperium, and they are known for their heavy use of tanks and artillery. Warboss Green is a great color to use for the tanks, guns, and other heavy machinery of this army, as it can create a menacing, industrial look.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus – The Adeptus Mechanicus is a faction that is heavily focused on technology and machinery, Warboss Green is a great color to use for the details and highlights of the mechanical parts of their miniatures.

It was decided to feature these particular armies since they are all renowned for using powerful equipment and weapons that look great painted in Warboss Green. Depending on the army and the particular figures being painted, this hue can be utilized to produce a range of effects, from strong and powerful to scary and industrial. Any army that is focused on strength, power, and technology should use Warboss Green as its primary hue.

Warboss Green Colour Schemes & Combinations

When selecting paints to use with Warboss Green, it’s important to consider color theory and how different colors can work together to create a balanced and visually appealing color combo. Warboss Green is a dark green color, so complementary colors like red, split-complementary colors like copper and orange, and analogous colors like black and dark brown can work well together to create contrast and balance.

Based on this knowledge, the following list of black, copper, pink and red Citadel Colour paints could be used in conjunction with Warboss Green:

  • Abaddon Black: a deep black that can be used to create shadows and provide contrast to the dark green.
  • Hashut Copper: a metallic copper paint that can add an extra layer of depth and shine to the overall color scheme.
  • Screamer Pink: a bright, bold pink color that can be used as a complementary color to Warboss Green.
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet: a bright red color that can be used as a highlight or accent color to Warboss Green.

The decision to list these specific paints was made based on color theory and the relationship between colors. Black, copper, and red are all colors that are complementary or split-complementary to Warboss Green, making them great choices for highlighting, shading, and adding depth to the miniature. 

The decision to list these specific paints was made based on their compatibility with Warboss Green and their ability to create a balanced color scheme. Abaddon Black provides a strong contrast to the dark green, while Screamer Pink and Evil Sunz Scarlet add complementary and split-complementary colors to the mix. Hashut Copper, as a metallic paint, can add an extra layer of depth and shine to the overall color scheme.

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