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Enhance your Horus Heresy forces with the upcoming release of the Apothecary Box Set, a vital addition to any Legion’s Apothecarion. Discover the elite medics who bring resilience and recovery to your troops in the most dire battles, available next month.
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The Apothecary Box Set from the Horus Heresy series offers a crucial addition to any Legion’s Apothecarion, providing the essential medical support needed during the galaxy-spanning civil war. These Apothecaries, clad in the distinctive MK VI Corvus and studded MK V Heresy pattern armor, are the unsung heroes of their legions, equipped to perform on-the-spot surgeries and gene-seed recovery even in the heat of battle.

The role of the Apothecary is invaluable, with the need for their surgical skills so great that they regularly brave the thick of battle. Armed with a chainsword and the narthecium, their primary duty is not to fight but to heal, granting the Feel No Pain (5+) ability to their comrades and ensuring that legionaries can continue the fight even in the face of severe injuries.

More information will be available when the set releases. We expect that date to be 20th/27th of January 2024

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