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Biologus Putrifier

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Embrace the intricacies of the Death Guard's relentless pursuit, as the Biologus Putrifiers take center stage in spreading Nurgle's contagion. With their vile arsenal and unholy expertise, these miniatures are sure to captivate hobbyists seeking to explore the dark allure of the Death Guard, adding a sinister touch to any collection.
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Behold the dedicated labor of the Death Guard as they tirelessly spread Nurgle’s bounteous gift across the vast expanse of realspace. Among their ranks, the Biologus Putrifiers hold a crucial role in this transformative process, for it is they who refine the potent batches of diseased slurry concocted by the Foul Blightspawn. With unwavering dedication, these Putrifiers distil the slurry to its utmost potency, ensuring the relentless spread of their noxious plagues. Adorning their corrupted armor, adorned with Nurgle’s twisted symbolism and tentacled abominations, they bear a distinctive feature that sets them apart—their colossal rack of blight grenades. These plague-filled explosive containers, hanging from their backs, stand as a testament to their vile craft. With each volley of hurled ordnance, the Biologus Putrifiers unleash their epidemic upon the battlefield, while their injector pistols deliver concentrated doses of foulness into their unfortunate targets.

Contained within this multi-part plastic kit lies everything you need to assemble a formidable Biologus Putrifier. Clad in the customary rusted armor of the Death Guard, the miniature boasts the unmistakable marks of Nurgle’s corruption—burns, melting panels, and the eerie emergence of tentacles, hinting at the eldritch experiments the Putrifier conducts.

However, the centerpiece of this miniature is undoubtedly the massive rack of blight grenades hanging from its back. Adorned with a dozen or more plague-filled containers, ready to unleash devastation. In one hand, the Biologus Putrifier wields an injector pistol, caught in the act of reloading with a vial of some repugnant concoction, while a menacing tentacle firmly grips a plague knife. Even the breathing apparatus on the miniature’s helmet features a proboscis-like extrusion, designed to enhance its senses and better evaluate the results of its ghastly experiments.

What’s in the Biologus Putrifier box

  • x10 plastic components are all you need to assemble a Biologus Putrifier clad in the usual corrupted, rusting armour of the Death Guard, with plenty of the Nurgle symbolism and sinister emerging tentacles.
  • x1 Citadel 40mm Round base

How to paint the Biologus Putrifier set

  1. Step 1: Prime the Model
    Apply a coat of primer to the Biologus Putrifier. Priming helps the paint adhere better and gives a smooth surface to work on. Use a spray primer or apply it with a brush. A neutral grey or black primer works well for most colors.
  2. Step 2: Base Coat
    Apply the base color to the different parts of the model. Use a larger brush for larger areas and a smaller brush for details. For example, paint the armor with Death Guard Green or something similar, like Caliban Green, and the tentacles with a mix of Citadel pink and flesh colors like Screamer Pink and Rakarth Flesh. Make sure to cover all the areas evenly.
  3. Step 3: Wash
    Apply a wash to the model to bring out the details and add depth. A wash is a thinned down paint that flows into the recesses, enhancing the shadows. Use a darker color than the base coat. For example, use a wash like Nuln Oil for the armor and Agrax Earthshade for other areas. Apply the wash with a small brush and let it flow into the recesses naturally.
  4. Step 4: Layering
    Start layering the colors on the model to create highlights and shadows. Layering adds depth and dimension to the model. Use a lighter color than the base coat and apply it selectively to raised areas or edges. For example, use a lighter green like Warpstone Glow to highlight the edges of the armor.
  5. Step 5: Detailing
    Use a fine brush to paint smaller details such as the face, belt, and other intricate elements. This step requires steady hands and attention to detail. Choose contrasting colors for these details to make them stand out. For example, you can add small symbols with colors like Mephiston Red or Yriel Yellow, or paint the guns and metallic details with Brass Scorpion.
  6. Step 6: Oozing Effect (Optional)
    To create an oozing effect on certain areas, you can use Lahmian Medium or Ardcoat mixed with a suitable color. Apply the mixture sparingly to areas where you want the oozing effect, such as the openings of the grenades or other appropriate areas. This gives the model a realistic and slimy appearance.
  7. Step 7: Basing (Optional)
    To complete the model, you can create a base for your Biologus Putrifier. This can be a simple textured base or a more elaborate scene. Use materials like sand, rocks, or static grass to create different textures and add realism. Paint the base to match your army’s theme and glue the model securely onto it.

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