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Army of Faith Battleforce

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Unleash the fury of the Adepta Sororitas with the new Army of Faith Battleforce! This arsenal of righteous might contains a powerful core of elite warriors to lead your army's crusade.
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Muster your celestial army with the “Army of Faith” Battleforce! The righteous forces within will be the vanguard spearheading your Adepta Sororitas’ campaigns across the worlds of battle. Faith is their armor, zeal is their sword – let none stand before their crusade!

This box is the first to introduce the new Canoness with Jump Pack miniature. The model comes equipped with a hand flamer and a power weapon, but can swap them both for a terrifying two-handed weapon – either a blessed halberd or a holy eviscerator.

The New Canoness with Jump Pack
The new Canoness with Jump Pack Miniature

She also comes with three different head options – hooded, with a respirator, or with the wind whipping through her hair – so you can really make her stand out from the rest of your flying brigade.

Support her with swarms of winged Seraphim and Zephyrim angels take flight, raining bolter fire and power sword strikes upon the Emperor’s foes. Customize the squads with your choice of 15 Seraphim or Zephyrim models.

Backing this angelic host is the Exorcist tank– an unholy fusion of sacred hymnal and heavy firepower. This iconic battle tank marries the chassis of a Rhino APC with a roof-mounted missile launcher styled as a pipe organ.

As it lays down punishing volleys, the Exorcist’s bellowing pipes sing praises of destruction. No army is complete without this perfect embodiment of the Sororitas’ faith and fury made manifest.

Adepta Sororitas Army of Faith Battleforce
Adepta Sororitas Army of Faith Battleforce was announced during the Warhammer Preview Show from 18th May 2024

Army Of Faith Battleforce Box Contents

This new battleforce contains 17 Adepta Sororitas models and their bases:

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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