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Battlezone: Mechanicus – Transterranic Gantries

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Explore the Battlezone: Mechanicus – Transterannic Gantries Box Set for Warhammer 40,000. Enhance your battlefield with raised walkways that provide cover and rapid access. Discover more!
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Create an immersive battlefield in the mechanical W40K wastelands of the Charadon Sector by integrating your Battlezone: Mechanicus terrain with the Transterannic Gantries. These two elevated walkways provide cover and swift movement, enhancing your game when paired with the Chapter Approved: Tactical Deployment Mission Pack.

Rules for this scenery can be found in the Battlezone: Mechanicum – Terrain Datasheet Cards pack.

Transterranic Gantries Box Contents

  • x39 plastic components, with which you can assemble two Transterannic Gantries.

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