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Big Breaka Boyz

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The Orks are a formidable force known for their colossal migratory invasions called Waaagh!s. In these epic gatherings, they stampede across entire sectors, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. Their arsenal consists of ramshackle vehicles, cobbled-together weaponry, and an overwhelming display of primal savagery.
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In this thrilling bundle, you’ll find a group of elite greenskin Meganobz, fearsome warriors who charge into battle with unmatched ferocity. Accompanying them is the Bonebreaka transport, a masterpiece of Ork subtlety and ingenuity. This behemoth is designed to crush anything or anyone in its path with its powerful deff rolla.

Prepare to reinforce your Ork Waaagh! with this heavyweight bundle, perfectly suited for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. Embrace the might of the Orks as they unleash chaos and mayhem on the battlefield!

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