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Chaos Lord with Jump Pack

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Elevate your Chaos forces with the Chaos Lord with Jump Pack in Warhammer 40,000. Experience aerial dominance and ferocity on the battlefield – available soon!
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For those Chaos players who favor the thrill of aerial assault over the slow march of ground troops, the Chaos Lord with Jump Pack model offers the ultimate skyward descent into the fray. This piece embodies the terror and rapid engagement that defines airborne chaos command.

The model is designed in a vivid, dynamic pose, capturing the moment of impact as the Chaos Lord descends upon his victims or leaps into action. With options to arm him with either a power axe or fist and a plasma or bolt pistol, this figure can be tailored to suit any battle scenario. Fans of the Night Lords, in particular, will rejoice at the return of the classic lightning claws, ideal for tearing through enemies in close-quarters combat.

This multipart warhammer 40k kit is more than a model; it’s a statement on the battlefield, offering Chaos Space Marines players a potent symbol of their faction’s ferocity and aerial dominance. Dive into the lore and power of chaos and make the Chaos Lord with Jump Pack a fearsome leader for your forces!

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