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Combat Patrol: Orks

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Get started or expand your Ork army with this money-saving Combat Patrol-sized force in a box, featuring a key selection of 25 multipart plastic models.
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Combat Patrol: Orks launches you into the raucous fray of battle with Morgrim’s Butchas, a band of Beast Snaggas notorious for hunting the mightiest foes across the galaxy. These fierce Ork warriors, whether charging into combat on unruly Squighogs or advancing as a relentless horde, exemplify the violent joys of the ‘Waaagh!’.

This essential set equips you with a complete force for Combat Patrol-sized games of Warhammer 40,000, offering a significant savings over purchasing these models separately. Perfect for starting a new army or reinforcing your existing mob of greenskins, the box features an array of miniatures that embody the brutish nature of Ork warfare, serving as a formidable core for any Ork army.

Explore the lore of the Beast Snaggas and witness how they turn every battle into a savage hunt for trophies, making this set an exciting challenge for both new and seasoned Warhammer hobbyists.

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