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Kroot Trail Shaper

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Unlock the art of stealth and terrain mastery with the Trail Shapers from the T’au Empire, coming soon to Warhammer 40,000.
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The Kroot, integral auxiliaries of the T’au Empire, excel in guerilla warfare, seamlessly navigating through the densest terrains without a trace.

Their prowess in stealth and ambush is not just innate but honed through years of rigorous training, epitomized by the skilled leaders known as Trail Shapers.

Trail Shapers stand apart as the architects of war for the Kroot within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Tasked with strategizing the battlefield’s layout, they ensure the Kroot’s guerrilla tactics unfold with deadly precision, utilizing the land to their advantage and orchestrating the flow of combat.

Equipped in the traditional Kroot fashion, Trail Shapers are adorned with light yet effective gear, including the reliable Kroot rifle and an array of blades, allowing them to traverse challenging environments effortlessly and engage or evade foes as required.

Kroot Trail Shaper Miniature Information

This miniature is slated for pre-order availability later this year. Until then, we’ve gathered some insights into its abilities to help strategize its use in your upcoming battles.

Trail Shapers’ deep understanding of the terrain gives them an edge, allowing them to anticipate and outmaneuver opponents considering an attack. Their Trail Finding ability requires enemies to be very close to succeed, and those retreating will quickly find the Kroot on their trail.

Additionally, Trail Shapers can initiate a surprise Kroot Ambush before combat starts. They and their allied units can blend into the surroundings and emerge unexpectedly, utilizing the common Kroot Scouts 7” rule to displace enemy troops from key positions.

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