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Noise Marines Sonic Weapons

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The Noise Marines Sonic Weapons unleash deafening waves of sonic devastation, tearing apart their enemies with chaotic and malevolent power, forever altering the battlefield.
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The Noise Marines, the sonic warriors of the Chaos Space Marines, wield a deadly arsenal of Sonic Weapons that unleash devastating sonic waves upon their foes. These infernal devices harness the raw power of sound, transforming it into a weapon of destruction. As the Noise Marines march to battle, their sonic weapons emit a cacophony of deafening screams and disorienting frequencies, striking terror into the hearts of those unfortunate enough to stand in their way. With each blast, the very fabric of reality quivers, and their enemies are torn asunder by the sheer sonic force unleashed upon them. The Noise Marines and their Sonic Weapons are a testament to the chaotic and malevolent power of the Warp, forever altering the battlefield with their symphony of destruction.

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What’s in the Noise Marines Sonic Weapons box

x12 resin pieces pack that contains sonic blasters, arms and a blast master with which to equip your Chaos Space Marines so that they bear the arms of the Noise Marines.

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