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Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Nightmare

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Dive into the dark narrative of Kill Team: Nightmare, where Nemesis Claw and Mandrakes clash on Bheta-Decima. This box set brings you to the forefront of a shadowy war, complete with unique kill teams, terrain, and exclusive rules.
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As the dire world of Bheta-Decima teeters on the brink of collapse, the dark saga unfolds. The Nemesis Claw from the Night Lords Traitor Legion descends, driven by dark intent and savage cruelty, in search of arcane relics amidst Bheta-Decima’s forsaken ocean-rigs. Yet, this hunt is shadowed by an equally lethal predator – the ethereal Mandrakes of Aelindrach, setting the stage for a conflict where even nightmares dread to tread.

Nemesis Claw Kill Team Miniatures

Kill Team: Nightmare introduces a chilling chapter to the Warhammer 40k universe, bringing you to the heart of a shadow-war waged in the decaying industrial landscapes of a doomed world. Command the ferocious Nemesis Claw Chaos Space Marines or the enigmatic Drukhari Mandrakes in a strategic contest for supremacy, featuring the battle for a pivotal Generatorum Hub.

Mandrakes Kill Team Miniatures

This expansion enriches your experience with a wealth of lore, new missions, and comprehensive rules for both factions, complete with two exclusive sets of datacards and tokens for streamlined gameplay. Explore this box to marshal your forces in the grim darkness of the far future, where only the strongest or most cunning survive.

To utilize this set’s contents fully, a copy of the Kill Team: Core Book is required, alongside the Killzone: Bheta-Decima terrain set for assembling the mission maps detailed in the book. Each is sold separately.

Kill Team: Nightmare Box Contents

  • x1 96-page softcover book titled Kill Team: Nightmare, packed with the lore, art, and rules for the two featured kill teams and the chaotic saga on Bheta-Decima. It includes Narrative Twists, a Shadow Operations: Nightmare mission pack, and rules for the Generatorum Hub terrain.
  • x1 Nemesis Claw Kill Team: These Chaos Space Marines from the Night Lords Legion come as multipart plastic miniatures, with x10 figures featuring various weapons and aesthetic options, including parts for a Fearmonger, Ventrilokar, and a Skinthief with a Nostraman chainglaive, plus a transfer sheet.
  • x1 Mandrakes Kill Team: Eerie shadow-assassins from the Drukhari’s Dark City, provided as multipart plastic miniatures. This team of x10 Mandrakes includes options for a Abyssal, Nightfiend, and Chooser of the Flesh, all wielding distinct weapons.
  • x1 Generatorum Hub: A detailed, multipart plastic terrain piece representing a mechanical power source for an extraction rig, designed for use with the Killzone: Bheta-Decima terrain set and missions in the book.
  • Datacards: A collection of cards for quick reference of operatives, abilities, equipment, Ploys, and Tac Ops for both teams, including 20x cards for the Nemesis Claw and 21x for the Mandrakes.
  • Token Sheets: Two sets of double-sided cardboard tokens for tracking abilities, objectives, equipment, and Command points – one set of 47x tokens for the Nemesis Claw and another set of 49x for the Mandrakes.
  • x1 Chaos Space Marines Transfer Sheet.
  • x20 Citadel 28.5 mm Round Bases.

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