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Craft a fiery menace to immolate enemy infantry with this kit for your Tyranids army, assembling a Pyrovore along with three Spore Mines for battlefield chaos, or opt for a Biovore, a sentient mine-launcher, for strategic diversity.
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Pyrovores serve a unique purpose in the Tyranid hierarchy, tasked with predigesting biomass and minerals for their hive fleet. These voracious creatures possess highly corrosive acids that drip from their maws, capable of melting even the toughest materials like adamantine. These acids are generated by a complex network of stomachs that also fuel their symbiotic dorsal weapon with caustic and flammable gases. A single burst of this chemical fire can engulf entire squads of prey, making the Pyrovore a formidable threat. Even in death, Pyrovores pose a danger, as their volatile innards can detonate upon demise.

This multipart plastic kit allows you to assemble a Pyrovore, a sentient Tyranid flame weapon, accompanied by three floating Spore Mines that can be used separately. The Pyrovore’s armored body supports a flame-spewing symbiotic organism, complete with a flared chitinous tail and a bloated form filled with foul gases. The kit offers various leg poses and basing options for the Pyrovore, along with three distinct Spore Mine designs, allowing you to maintain diversity within your Tyranid arsenal as you construct a formidable array of these weapon-beasts.

Pyrovore Datasheets


Spore Mines

What’s in the Pyrovore box

  • x37 plastic components that make 1 Pyrovore and 3 Spore Mines. This kit can alternatively be built as a Biovore, a spore-launching Tyranid creature.
  • x1 Citadel 80mm Round Base (Pyrovore).
  • x3 Citadel 25mm Round Bases (Spore Mines).

How to paint the Pyrovore set

  1. Step 1: Prime Your Miniature and Set the Mood
    Begin your artistic journey by priming your Pyrovore model with Chaos Black or any other primer of your choice. This crucial step sets the stage for your painting adventure, preparing the miniature like a blank canvas for a masterpiece.
  2. Step 2: Basecoat the Model
    Apply a basecoat of paint to the Pyrovore’s body and carapace. For the body, use a vibrant red shade like Mephiston Red, and for the carapace, opt for a dark color like Abaddon Black.
  3. Step 3: Highlight the Body and Carapace
    Using a brighter red shade like Evil Sunz Scarlet, carefully apply highlights to the Pyrovore’s body to add depth and definition. For the carapace, choose a lighter shade of grey like Administratum Grey or any other suitable color to create highlights.
  4. Step 4: Paint the Mouth and Details
    Next, paint the Pyrovore’s mouth with a contrasting color like Wazdakka Red to make it stand out. Add any additional details on the model, such as the eyes or other features, using suitable colors.
  5. Step 5: Add Final Touches
    With a fine brush, add any final touches to the model, such as adding extra details or patterns on the carapace. Use contrasting colors to make these details pop.
  6. Step 6: Varnish and Protect
    To preserve your masterpiece, apply a protective layer of varnish over the entire model. This will safeguard the paint job and prevent any damage over time.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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