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Chaos Black - Spray Paint Citadel Colour

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Citadel Colour's Chaos Black spray paint is a highly pigmented, long-lasting paint made for both amateurs and professionals. Its matte finish produces a layer of black that is flat and smooth, making it ideal for priming models and giving depth to a variety of surfaces. The paint is perfect for use on metal, plastic, and resin models since it dries rapidly and clings nicely to a variety of surfaces.
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Chaos Black – Spray Paint Review

Chaos Black – Spray Paint from Citadel Colour is an essential tool for any miniature painter. This high-quality spray paint is specifically designed to provide a smooth, even base coat for all types of miniatures, whether they are plastic, metal, or resin. Its deep black color creates a perfect canvas for layering on other colors and adding intricate details. With its easy-to-use spray nozzle, even beginners can achieve professional-looking results with ease. This versatile and durable paint is a must-have for any hobbyist looking to bring their miniatures to life with a touch of darkness.

What armies to paint with Chaos Black – Spray

  • First, the Space Marines are a popular choice for Warhammer 40K players. This faction is composed of genetically enhanced soldiers who wear intricate armour and wield powerful guns. Painting Space Marines with Chaos Black – Spray will provide a solid base coat that can be layered with other colours to create unique designs. The deep black also accentuates the silver and gold highlights on their armour, making them look even more intimidating on the battlefield.
  • Second, the Astra Militarum, also known as Imperial Guard, are an army of human soldiers equipped with tanks and heavy machinery. Painting these soldiers and their vehicles with Chaos Black – Spray will give them a menacing appearance, fitting for a faction that serves as the primary military force of the Imperium of Man. The deep black colour also complements the green and brown camouflages often seen on Imperial Guard troops.
  • Lastly, the Necrons are an ancient and powerful race of robotic beings. Painting Necrons with Chaos Black – Spray creates a sleek and ominous look that is fitting for these advanced beings. The black base coat can be accentuated with metallic paints to highlight the intricate details of their machinery, creating a futuristic and deadly appearance on the tabletop.

Whether you prefer the futuristic soldiers of the Space Marines, the heavy machinery of the Astra Militarum, or the advanced technology of the Necrons, Chaos Black – Spray is a versatile and essential tool that can help bring these armies to life.

Chaos Black – Spray Colour Schemes & Combinations

As a knowledgeable expert in the field of miniature painting, I can suggest a selection of Citadel Colour paints in shades of red, pink, and copper that work harmoniously with Chaos Black – Spray.

  • To start, Mephiston Red is a bold, vibrant red that can be used to create highlights and bring depth to the base coat provided by the black spray. It pairs well with Chaos Black – Spray as a complementary colour, as red and black are opposite each other on the colour wheel, creating a striking and balanced colour combo.
  • Next, Pink Horror is a pink hue that is part of the split-complementary colour scheme of red and blue-green. This can add a subtle pop of colour to models that have a red and black theme. The contrast between the pink and the black will create a striking balance and make the model stand out.
  • For a metallic option, consider using Runefang Steel. This paint can be used to highlight edges and details on models, such as weapons or armour. This silver metallic tone offers a contrast to the deep black that provides an eye-catching shine on the model.
  • Finally, a copper colour such as Gehenna’s Gold can add an extra layer of interest to models painted with Chaos Black – Spray. This analogous colour works well with the black base coat and can be used to add depth and shadows to the model.

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