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Clad in impenetrable Aegis armor, this formidable leader commands the loyalty of their comrades and becomes the living shield that protects the forces of their faction. 

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The Shield-Captains epitomize the ideals upheld by the Adeptus Custodes, embodying the fusion of strength, wisdom, and strategic brilliance. They stand as beacons of leadership, inspiring their fellow Custodians to rise to the occasion and excel beyond measure. Their voices echo with authority and reason, guiding their forces with a profound sense of purpose and a deep understanding of the battlefield. Each decision made by a Shield-Captain carries the weight of their experience and expertise, and their fellow Custodians entrust them with unwavering confidence.

With their illustrious reputation as paragons of leadership, Shield-Captains are not simply commanders but revered figures whose presence commands respect and admiration. They have earned their esteemed position through countless acts of valor and unyielding dedication to duty. Their path is not one of blind subservience, but rather a relentless pursuit of excellence and the unwavering belief in the power of individual judgment. In the hallowed halls of the Adeptus Custodes, the Shield-Captains are the living embodiment of the Order’s ideals, representing the pinnacle of martial prowess, unwavering resolve, and intellectual acuity.

Shield-Captain and Custodian Guard Datasheets

What’s in the Shield-Captain box

  • x76 plastic components to construct a formidable unit of 5 Adeptus Custodes Custodian Guard. 1 model can be assembled as a Shield-Captain, featuring a cloak and choice of 2 heads, and 1 can be assembled as a Vexilus Praetors, carrying Custodes Vexilla.
  • x5 Citadel 40mm Round bases, ensuring stability and a suitable foundation for each Custodian Guard, as they stand resolute on the battlefield.

How to paint the Shield-Captain Set

  1. Step 1: Prepare the miniature
    Clean the Shield-Captain miniature using warm, soapy water to remove any mold release residue. Once dry, assemble the miniature according to the instructions provided.
  2. Step 2: Prime the miniature
    Apply a thin and even coat of black or white spray primer to the entire miniature. This will provide a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to.
  3. Step 3: Basecoat the armor
    Use a gold paint like Retributor Armour to basecoat the armor plates, ensuring even coverage. Apply multiple thin coats if necessary, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.
  4. Step 4: Paint the details
    Use a silver paint like Leadbelcher to paint the metallic areas such as weapons, helmet, and accessories. For the shoulder pad trim and other decorative elements, use a brass paint like Runelord Brass. Apply multiple thin coats for smooth and consistent coverage.
  5. Step 5: Add color to the cape and robes
    Choose a color scheme for the cape and robe,, such as a blue paint like Macragge Blue or Calgar Blue for a blue cape or Mephiston Red for a red one. Apply thin layers, building up the color gradually to achieve a smooth finish.
  6. Step 6: Highlight the armor
    Using a fine detail brush, apply a gold paint like Liberator Gold to highlight the edges and raised areas of the armor plates. This will add depth and definition to the model.
  7. Step 7: Paint the face
    Use a flesh-tone paint like Kislev Flesh as the base color for the face. Add shading with a wash of a flesh-tone shade like Reikland Fleshshade, and highlight the raised areas with a lighter flesh-tone paint like Pallid Wych Flesh. Paint the eyes using black for the pupils and a small dot of white for the reflection.
  8. Step 8: Detail the miniature
    Using smaller brushes, carefully paint the smaller details such as the insignias, purity seals, and gemstones using appropriate colors like red or blue, such as Mephiston Red or Spiritstone Red.
  9. Step 9: Apply washes and shades
    To add depth and shadows to the model, selectively apply washes or shades like Nuln Oil or Agrax Earthshade to recessed areas, joints, and crevices. This will enhance the overall appearance of the miniature.
  10. Step 10: Highlight and edge highlight
    Using a fine detail brush, highlight the edges of the armor and other raised areas with a lighter shade of the base color. For example, use a silver paint like Stormhost Silver to edge highlight the metallic areas.
  11. Step 11: Base the miniature
    Choose a suitable base color for the Shield-Captain, such as a textured paint like Astrogranite or Armageddon Dust. Add texture using basing materials like grass or rocks to create a finished look.
  12. Step 12: Varnish and protect
    Once the paint has dried completely, apply a coat of varnish specifically designed for miniatures to protect the painted miniature from chipping and wear.

Miniature Images, Sprues and Details

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